Discord's lack of parental controls, and possible solutions (Updated)



  • Valiant Outcast

    Apparently some wording was the reason why the original post is still "Pending Approval". This one was approved right away.
    The wording involved several examples of simple words that can be used as server invites to Adult Content servers.


  • δαεмοη

    Yeah it's rough, because all of the children oriented gaming youtubers share links to their Discords, then you only have to be 12 to download the Discord app. Then I checked out the channels the kid was looking at and instantly saw a snuff film and an adult man bragging about pleasuring himself to it. This was in a roblox adjacent chat room. Discord could solve this by creating a parental companion application. let's call it Discord Parent, now with Discord Parent you would set up managed user accounts, you could then approve or disapprove channel requests from your managed Discord Child user accounts. Easy peasy. 

  • Erudian

    Parental Controls of SOME sort are something I feel Discord absolutely needs. Whether it's a separate app, or some sort of "child" account the parent can set up and control, or whatever. Discord is "spreading" to all kinds of users these days, and it's important for parents to be able to at least have the ability to make the decision about what is and isn't appropriate for their child.

    Also Reference: Parental controls! Please!


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