Bring back Activity feed



  • He11cat

    i agree. it made joining what games my friends were playing so much easier, as well as launching them. no one asked for this!!!

  • Thryrallo

    activity feed was my idle screen. i could see in which sever i had friends chilling, and i could see if any friends played a game i wanted to join.
    It was really usefull :(

    Please give it back 

  • Mepi

    I also really used the activity tab. Please bring it back! The quicklaunch was really easy and I could easily see which people were playing something that I wanted to join in! 


    Yes, bring back the activity tab and remove the mini version of it in friends list.

  • smolboyebear

    They should have made it toggled, and you can turn it on or off via the appearance tab, like what they litterally just did with the library tab if you bought a game from discord.

  • Mr.Wanted225

    Please Bring it Back please the Activity Feed i missed this Feature too

  • Cralti

    Why it's all or nothing? The tab itself could be turned off, if someone didn't want it. Add a few more ways to customize it, and everybody can have what they want how they want. I used it since it was added. Please give it back.

  • levin_01

    I spent all day today looking for the Activity Feed settings and thought I was loosing it. Now I find out it's gone. Really, you couldn't make an announcement, update the change log or remove the outdated references to a feature once removed? Then I could have expressed my disappointment sooner. BRING IT BACK.It was very convenient to have an overview of what's happening AND be able to launch games from discord. Please return the activity feed.

  • El_Jimbo

    Activity Feed made Discord complete. I also searched throughout the day thinking I made some error. No announcement concerning a change is unprofessional. Hoping you bring it back.

  • Koridic

    The activity log made discord more than an instant messaging server app. Now it serves only one purpose and feels more lackluster than before. I enjoyed pressing the home button and being greeted with an array of information both from game developers and with who in various servers (even not on my friends list) were playing what games. I don't want to add every person that I occasionally play with just to see when they are playing a game that I could join.

  • EntraVenuS

    what ?? its not there??? spent 5 hours trying to find it ? why has it gone away ?? Bring it back please

  • Erynn

    same, i also made use of the activity tab to keep track of news updates on my non-steam related games in a single, convenient place that i use on a daily basis. i'd really love to have it back so i don't have to manually search individually for my non-steam game updates one by one over the web. i understand some people didn't find it convenient but for those people, all that was needed was to add a toggle option to whether they wanted game news or not, not remove it entirely. as you can see discord, contrary to what was suggested, people DID use it. these are those people. and i doubt we're the only ones.



  • godgutten

    Bump bring it back I used it all the time

  • Jacky the best boyo™

    Bump, please do bring it back


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