Add an option to hide nitro tab




    Yeah, if I would want to buy Nitro, I would go to settings.

  • Subby

    i agree. its totally nonsense. the new design build is not good.

  • Kfoxy

    After changing around the friends tab too much the ui designer got overambitious and decided to toss whatever they could into it and see what sticks. CLEARLY NOT THIS OR THE PAST UPDATE.

  • Simon5Six7

    See, as someone who actually is subscribed to nitro, this new tab baffles me even more! I know the perks, I know the price and that I can gift it to people. Yet the tab is like "Do you know about NITRO?"

    Yes. Yes I do

  • Tenderz

    I swear it used to be there before, I turned on the option to hide it and now it's back without the option to hide it. What happened?

  • BoulderHolder21

    Having no option to hide the nitro tab is frustrating to me. Also, along with this new update, I dislike how discord shows offline friends when I have it set to show only "Online" friends. If I wanted to see all of my offline friends I would have it set to show "All". 

  • Zergling_man

    I'm not even mad about the "online also has offline" thing. It's unintuitive, but it doesn't actually break the use case of seeing a list of only online friends. I was mad that they (briefly) removed "all", but now that it's back, whatever. Just rename them to "categorised" and "uncategorised" (or something to that effect) and be done with it. Maybe increase the distance between categories a bit so it's really clear when you're changing between them (so it's really easy to ignore everything below "online").
    (Heck, I'd even argue it's an improved situation, because it adds the use case of searching only people who are offline.)


    I don't remember ever seeing this button before. But maybe I did, turned it off and forgot about it. More likely, though, I think it's related to activity feed things, given I had that muted from day 1.

  • No v

    Since this update it looks out of place.
    and maybe they should add an option to hide offline friends in online of is it just me?

    Edit: Well, they did it. Thats nice.

  • XEntombmentX

    What makes even less sense is that I have Nitro and still have to have the tab there. It's frustrating.

  • maxoku

    They care only about the money. It just hangs there saying: "give us money" constantly. They don't care if they'd annoy the users or make them uncomfortable on the way. Only money, money, money. Nothing else.


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