Stop Pushing NITRO on everyon



  • Ghost95

    Pushing it like this gives off a "desperate" vibe. It's really not a good look. I thought Discord wanted to be better than Skype, not worse.

  • Pip

    Agreed. There are those of us who aren't getting Nitro any time soon, and seeing this bollocks everywhere just makes it INTENSELY AGGRAVATING. Nevermind that they're all wastes of space too, taking up valuable window-space to tell you the same thing over and over. If I wanted and could get Nitro, I would get it. Stop pestering me.

  • BoldlyBadly

    Unremovable Nitro tab just below the friends list was such a good idea. That way, I get to click it by mistake all the time and be reminded why I won't pay time after time. My sister who *does* have Nitro can't remove it either.

  • cmdrsnowwhite

    Boy howdy I found this because I too would like to hide the Nitro button please. I am a broke nursing student. I use Discord because overall, it's better than Skype. Sound quality is better. Channels within servers is awesome. But please stop having that Nitro button underneath the Friends button! Please make it possible to toggle off Nitro suggestions! It's enough to have it available in the Settings page!

  • Aiscence

    "We are doing an add free app" unless you're pushing nitro so much it's even worse than adds

  • VG Dragon

    I use Discord since 2015.

    I had never the feeling that Discord annoyed me with Nitro.


    Discord is 100% free to use. Nitro give you only some extra things. 

    If you look on other sites like YouTube or mobile games, you will see what "BIG PUSHY" is. 


    If you look at a normal Chat window, you can see 1 small "gift box" Button. In the friendlist, you have one schmall one more.


    Discord want to stay a free service. To stay free, they need supporter. With Nitro you support them. There are other options for Discord, too.

    1.) you need to pay to use it

    2.) they add ads (they will need many of them)


    They don't want to use this 2 Options and that is a good mindset. It will be nice, if you try to write in a normal way, and not with rage.



  • Ghost95

    You know, I get it. Discord's a free app. The devs work hard. That little nitro button isn't as bad as the ads on stuff like youtube and the worst of skype. And sure, they could make it a paid service and they could do some actually scummy things that they're thankfully not doing. 

    ... But this doesn't mean it's okay, either. Thing is... Discord's aimed to be better than things like Skype. And, well... Skype didn't start out awful. It was a little change here, a little change over there, a small push here, a bit of a push there... and then... well, that mess happened. And you know what else happened? Bloat happened. And between the strange changes and the bloat... that's where things went south. I think people are worried. 

    I think the main problem is the location of the button. It's in a place where it's easy to click it instead of the "friends" button. It seems too in-your-face, and can seem scummy and desperate. It should be somewhere less intrusive. 

  • VG Dragon

    The thing is, I have no idea why it is there. On my Smartphone, I don't have that Button. Only in the desktop Version.

    Maybe, Discord want to do something with it.

    A neutral feedback would maybe help.

  • Sophie *Hold your Applause*

    I agree with this. Back then, you couldn't even see the emotes of other servers, and now you can see a whole plethora of the emotes you cannot use. It's kinda annoying, if I can be honest. And this is coming from a nitro supporter.


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