• Hot Icefalls

    What is your discord? 
    We can chat faster and better there

    "im missing something"
    What are you missing to get your own old account back?

  • Eclipse_Darkpaw

    I wonder if this dude ever got their account back.

  • Hot Icefalls

    His account got banned.

    He will never get his old account back.

  • Wolfie

    Hello Discord, a few days ago I saw my account disabled and got sent an email. I'm sorry for breaking the tos rules. Please give my account back.
    The account is Wolfie#3286

  • hey um how do you get your account back

    unfortunately i still cant get it   seems like not much worked for people but oh well 

    i guess just use another form of group communication to tell people my new user 

    mine is 𝓣𝓸𝓻𝓽𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓪'𝓼 𝓱𝓾𝓼𝓫𝓪𝓷𝓭𝓸#4032

  • The Red

    i lost my account because of the anger.. now i cant reach my most of my servers and my online friends. BRUH. 

  • raiderkid444

    My account was disabled after someone tricked me into breaking the TOS. I am apologetic and I just want my friends list back and server list. I am very sorry for what I did and I will not ever do it again.

  • trap_sk

    I have also had my discord account disabled and i don't exactly know the reason why but i assume it has something to do with spamming or something like that. I know i  have probably done something wrong and i just want my discord account back as i have had it for about 2 years. I apologise for anything wrong i have done and hope you can re enable my account.

    The username of my last account that got disabled is ! TrapK#4348  There is a space between the ! and T

    Thank you.

  • prezas

    MY account disable for spam invites am so sorry but I talk with this guy and sent my server to talk and my account disabled my email my name is $prezas plz help me to return my account buck help me plz.

  • Hello Discord


    I have had my discord account for a few years now, and joined a lot of servers and met a lot of friends. My account was venomy#5238 and my gmail is venomyboiz@gmail.comRecently I noticed I had my account disabled, I came here in hopes of getting my account back, whatever I have done, I am truly sorry for it


  • Okay...yesterday I was still on discord, I am nice to my friends and all of my servers..i actually don't know what I did for you to disabled my account,but I'm sincerely sorry for what I did cause I don't like using this account... So I'm hoping that you'll bring my account back..cause someone literally wants to open my account,this is persons IP address I don't know what to do about it,and I hope you can help me with this,thank you :)

  • uwu2482

    My account was disabled can i take my phone number off the disabled account

  • Flospy

    Dear Discord.

    Please enable my account. :(

    I need it back I have friends and I don't wanna lose then i have and nitro :[  

    Discord your service is REALLY good but I really need my account back quickly please! 
                                                                                                                                               Please enable the following account (I sound like a bot) Flospy#2004 PLEASE enable my account!

  • Icy

    It Was Phantomizer#1917

  • Discord disabled my alternate account for no reason. i've reached out to discord months ago and they haven't emailed me back yet. the account discord mods disabled unfairly and the account discord members have reported unfairly is @Saki🖤#8378

  • hourglass dog

    my friends account got disabled bc he was joking arroud with underaged stuff and now he cant do anything plz help. also his mom has his id so idk if he can do anything... his user is Delinquent#0016 dm me if u have anything to help.

  • little

    yea i had that to but u cant gat back in😪

  • hourglass dog

    ARUGHH i just want him to have a good time his parents always moniter no matter what...

  • little


  • Gambitka

    Hello discord
    I got my discord account Snexx#0666 disabled and i am so sorry, but i really need it back.
    Please can you enable it again? My email is

    Have a nice day.

  • IneedSchokiMilk

    Hello discord team,

    my account named ineedmilk#8650 was resently deaktivated, I only got an email saying it got deaktivated for viollationg tos, I think it was an accident becaus I read the tos and I didnt violate any of them. I send an email at the support but with long waiting i got no response. I hope you can help me more or may reaktivate it.

    Hope you stay safe.


  • little

    something just now happened to my ac and i need to see if someone can help me my email is so if someone can help me u can and yea have a good day:)

  • Ishowernaked

    I think i was banned for sending an YLYL video to my friend that was not SFW in dm, but he consented to it and found it amusing. (If I’m thinking about the right video)
    And I would really like to get my account back since I have a lot of memory’s on that account, contacts and servers. And if not please state the reasoning to it.
    // @Ishowernaked#7412
    Best regards.

  • little

    2 stfu
    and thank u

  • artikz1

    my main account was disabled for submitting wrong age information.

    But trust&safety department wont reply to me anymore and i would like to know.

    I failed to give the right information because i didnt know my #0000.

    Im looking for help to unban my account "Lorde#4129".    Thanks in advance

  • 𝐑𝐚𝐲

    Have you guys got your accounts back?

    Just wondering since my account as well got disabled and I'm using an alt account of mine but i do want my main account back.


  • Sintrius

    I have reason to believe my account was banned on the multitude of lots of messages, 2 of my servers where lost on my iPhone supposedly and i just really wanted to get my account back , my discord email is

  • Westdog01

    Seeing how AvaVarldar acted, chances are he did something to deserve getting his account banned. I've seen this behavior displayed by many people who get banned from Discord servers or game groups. People tend to believe they did nothing to deserve their punishment and will try to yell at anyone who tells them otherwise. It's unfortunate and sad to see this behavior, and I hope the Discord staff were able to handle the situation properly.

  • Shadowfoxxa

    pls give my acount Shadowfoxxa#4991

  • 7sinเอาแล้ว

    im sorry too  breaking rule i need my ac back plz i have a lot of friends 

    my email


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