The new look for the PC version is just terrible, im sorry



  • cmdrsnowwhite

    It honestly really bothers me too. Yes, Discord: you're a gaming chat. But I do not need an "Active Now" section on my friends list. The games show up as part of their status if they're active in a game. It's fine, honestly. Please let the "Active Now" tab be optional! I much prefer being able to see more friends within the window.

  • Sno

    Yes, I have noticed. Really horrible. Me and some buddies are looking for an Discord alternative. Seem like Discord has become to big.


    History repeats. Remember ICQ back in the days? it was good simple and fun to use. Remember AOL messenger? MSN (good ol times) Skype? Shit some of you might even have used Facebook messenger.

    Why did they fall in users and fail? Because small companies roll into mainstream, gets some money driven co-owner to run the joint, gets that loads of money, forgot for whom they are developing the app for (gamers) yada yada you know the drill, and voila another company screwed by dumb decisions the users (whom they design the app for) don't want. Asking why...Discord is going downhill? 


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