Undo all recent UI changes



  • 🍯Honeydew🍯

    ugh yes :c

  • Orno

    agreed, especially this align to bottom change. now all static short message channels look like crap, being aligned to the bottom of the page instead of the top as they were (and intended to remain)

    Though, I have a feeling that this complain, like many others, are going to fall into the category of "This is what we like, and if we ignore complaints, they will too (eventually)."

    Just another reason for the return of the Guild Website

  • Rain

    Full agree. Reverting everything since - and even the change to the connections tab would be so nice. I have no idea why they needed to fix something that wasn't broken.

  • Little Nyar 👊😡


    Thanks, Discord! It's so goddammit annoying, why would I even need this option to add reaction to each message in such way. No matter how large or whatever is it, this big button appears and keeps flashing on the side. 


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