Rolling Back the New Discord Update, 2/3



  • RedTurtle78

    This is absolutely abysmal.  Googled to see if there was info on the update, and if they said you can turn it off.  Found this post so definitely upvoting.  

  • fatsumo

    Yes, this should either be removed or have an option to turn on/off. Looks noisy/can get in the way while communicating

  • Ashley766

    I agree this update should be removed. I don't like it. I like how it was before; the layout was super simple, now it's just distracting.

  • I also agree, if they don't change this soon, I might abandon discord until then, its super aggravating.

  • Drethrake

    I was going to ask a question about this. Hovering the curser over a message like this:


    Caused me a level of annoyance. 


    For one: It obscures the right portion of a comment, especially if it's rather long, like this: 

    Removing those 4 icons and leaving it with just the three dots is the way to go, in my personal opinion. 

  • Syncope

    Just let me turn the highlighting and the More pop-up off. Literally just those two things. I could get used to the rest, but those are OBNOXIOUS.

  • Bonnefire

    The hover changes are also a power hog, I can hear my laptops fans go faster when I'm moving the cursor over them.

  • echo is catfishing us™

    Agreed. Need to revert changes asap

  • Isthariel

    Revert the whole client to the version from 2 years ago. Anything good that has happened in that time is massively overshadowed by the heap of garbage produced by their UI design team. Fire them all and don't refill the positions.


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