All aspects of the new UI are awful



  • ArtsyAxolotl

    100% agree. Whatever they did to the text is just awful. It’s so claustrophobic now. I’m having a hard time reading anything now cuz of my dyslexia and it makes me feel physically ill.

    I don’t even hate the idea of the emote shortcut. I just wish they would have left the “add reaction” and “more” buttons embedded next to the text and made the shortcuts a slide-out or pop up when you hover over “add reaction” instead of just an omnipresent focus point.

  • Lotty

    I agree with your feedback, Cupit.

    I would also like to add to your list that colours/shades are sharper and more defined rather than muted like in the previous UI. I have trouble looking at these sharp colours/shades due to having disabilities with cognitive functions. I am not sure if I am the only one who noticed this, but it adds additional eye strain to issues you already have listed.

  • di0__0ib

    Absolutely agree. Especially the emoji reactions. Takes up way too much real estate. Is a nuisance. I don't need those recommendations and don't want them. It's the same 3 no matter where I am. That's hardly a suggestion.


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