Remove quick reactions in the newest update



  • LabRAT

    I cannot stress this enough, thank god I found a way to turn it off by switching off the "Show emoji reactions on messages" in Text & Images settings

    And for that matter, it's so annoying how the "..." more button now pops out instead of being nice in the right side of the message. This isn't even mentioning the new 'Unread messages' line that is just god awful compared to before, why Discord!?

  • Vorticella

    This is distracting! It was perfectly fine the way it was.

  • Aradesh

    I agree. Having the quick reactions is distracting and unnecessary. Having the colors blinking at me constantly as I am going through messages is really annoying. 

    I hope the developers are paying attention to all of this... 

  • Mars

    I'd just like to weigh in and say.. I actually really like the feature. Each to their own. If you can turn off reactions there's no problem, right?

    I only randomly got to this post because I wanted to see how I can change the 3 quick emoticons.

  • Frission

    Wrong. There's still plenty of problems with it, not the least of which being that the old form of reactions was just fine, it's this horrible eyesore of a 'quick reactions' bar that's the issue. There's no way to remove Just That without turning ALL reactions off.

  • ❄Wish🌙🌊Snow❄✦

    I agree with the above comments, the new pop-up feature is annoying, terribly distracting, and it disrupts my usual gestures of viewing messages and makes each message prone to me accidentally pressing on the friggin button.

    I have no use for the pop-up feature. If i wanted to react to a message, I was fine doing it the old way because reactions to messages are so rare anyway. I had to consciously AVOID the buttons because they were in such an inconvenient spot to pop up, and pops up for every single message, CONSTANTLY. I had enough of the irritation it caused and so I finally searched for the setting to disable it.

    Honestly don't know why Discord thought this reaction update would be a good idea. I hope they remove it and simply leave it at how it functioned before. Reactions on messages only happen rarely and the pop-up is just insanely maddening. 

    Please remove this quick reactions feature, Discord.

  • poplopo

    I keep accidentally clicking on these "quick" reaction emojis. They are also not the reaction emojis I wish to use. These "suggested emojis" have the effect of being prescriptive of people's behavior rather than reactive to it. Please allow this to be turned off.

  • grimreapaa

    I came here to complain because literally nobody asked for this. It's annoying, in the way, and the only way of disabling it that I can find is under "Text & Images" -> "Show emoji reactions on messages" and unchecking that box. However, this removes ALL reactions and not just the god awful reaction bar that nobody asked for. As a developer, who uses reactions with bots, I NEED to see them which means I NEED to have this UI bloat that nobody wants in order to see reactions.


    Suggestion - allow users to disable the bar that highlights over every message but keep reactions. Revert the update. Something. This is awful and I am having a very hard time enjoying a minimalist style with this big meme bar in the way of each message.

  • rachiebird

    "Big meme bar" is such a succinct way to put it. I too loved discord's previous minimalist UI. I'm not really a fan of some of the other changes that came with this update. But the reaction bar is the real deal-breaker. 

  • Ferios

    Just wanted to chime in and say that I also hate this, and it needs to be separate from the nuclear option of removing all reactions. I actually hate reactions in general and would happily turn them off, but as grimreapaa said above, they're important for being able to interact with some bots. That said, accidentally clicking on the seemingly random choice of reaction emoji all the time is bad enough that I'm still disabling reactions globally until this is changed.

  • onyxragdoll

    The only way to get rid of it is remove emoji reactions entirely that's so stupid.

  • Martind Forlon

    Can only add my vote to the OP. This "three quick emotions" bar is highly disturbing and I do not like it at all. Please remove it (that part of bar with three quick emotions) completely or make it as optional. I often use emotions for reacting to messages (without the need to spamming conversations with replies) so fully turning off emotions is not an usable choice for me.

  • brekg qweiiiiiif

    Agreed there needs to be a way to do this, it's really annoying.

    Only way I've found to stop this bar is to completely turn off reactions, although I want them ON, I just want the bar gone. Hate it.

  • Sugar

    It is so annoying to have a popup literally follow your mouse around. What was wrong with just right clicking or something? I love reactions because im barely in any large servers and its usually just my friends making a joke or they are an easy way to kind of like something that you didnt see, but is old, without changing the conversation. But it made me so mad I instantly googled a way to turn it off. 

    I think the fact that most people who like reactions are nuking them to get rid of the stalker pop up is saying something

  • Azert

    Agree with OP very annoying that we can't disable it without disabling reaction 

  • JDavis

    I like the feature in theory, but would love to be able to turn it off. I keep Discord open on my secondary monitor, to the left of my main monitor. Every time I try to click over to Discord since the change I inevitably react to something by accident.

  • VoidTwo

    It looks like the Canary build of Discord (the pre-public testing build) has removed the pop-up reactions. I don't know when it will come into effect, but I can't wait.

  • 󠀀󠀀

    It just came into effect and now I'm very frustrated that it's gone; it was one of the best features ever added to discord and I used it all the time. I don't see how everyone else had a problem with it, it just worked perfectly for me. Can there please just be an option for those who want it to enable it for themselves??

  • tdp2612

    Same here, I thought it was great - if when it was added, you could toggle it off, why cant we toggle it on now? But hey, that would be logical wouldnt it

  • poplopo

    You couldn't toggle it off, that's what this whole ticket was about. Allowing people to choose regarding the matter was the goal. If Discord could remove it, why wouldn't they have the ability to just add a button to the settings menu? Doesn't really make sense.

    (no-quick-reactions is better though.)


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