This entire UI update is terrible



  • JohnVanThonkerton

    Seconded, it would be great to have option to disable the message highlight and quick reactions, whenever I move the cursor from the message input to another channel or server I highlight at least half of the page messages which looks super distracting and when the cursor moves from channel/server back to message bar it does it again. Absolutely useless feature that only distracts a ton.

  • Jared™

    I would love Discord even more if they made sure to add a toggle-able setting for ever huge UI change giving users customization. People love customization.

  • Poison Dancer

    100% this. Maybe some people 'don't mind', but I've seen nobody across all my servers say, 'hurrah! Thank Christ they changed it!' It's like being married for years, coming home and your partner has had a bunch of unnecessary plastic surgery. Why, Discord, why? It's driving me nuts. At least let us revert back to the previous UI as an option.

  • Crimson

    Strongly agree.

    I only realized how good the previous UI was when the new one was introduced.

    Please roll back the design or add a toggle to switch to the old one.


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