Devs, If You Read This: Stop Fixing What Isn't Broken



  • parlayx

    beautifully put. i've never bothered to post on discord support because, like you said, every single update has made sense to me. this painful, botched facelift of a 'design' update? Not Great. 

  • needle

    exactly! you've worded this a lot better than i did. i want them to put it back

  • JarOfTeeth

    Agreed wholeheartedly. I was going to post something like this myself, but you worded it far better than I could have.

  • k2konut

    you took the feelings out of my head and put them into words +1

  • SirCiprés

    Yeah, I never give feedback because even when I didn't like something it wasn't that bad for me, but this new feature is so intrusive, and... I don't even use those 3 emote that much so they are not very useful.

  • PrincessLapis

    Thank you for wording this so beautifully. I really hope they listen and revert it. The previous UI change I didn't like, well, fine, whatever. That one, I could get used to. It was bothersome, but it seemed to be a legitimate thing to help a bit with organization and readability and stuff. But this one? It's just really, really bad.

  • Donkey Kong

    Ironic that a big part of what made Discord so good compared to other similar services is how clean and intuitive it is/was, and this update seems determined to make is less and less so.

  • Beepboop

    I agree fully. I rarely react with emotes and when I did, the option that was there before worked more than fine. This one just annoys me.

  • Outback Steak Ho

    Please, at the very least, just let us toggle this on or off. Integrate it as part of a "minimal" or "classic" display mode or something.

    The lack of chat dividers makes it seem so cluttered and hard to read, the new "new message" bar is hideous and doesn't fit the theme, and the react and "..." pop-out is intrusive,unnecessary, and honestly just irritating every time my mouse grazes over my chat window.

    Please please please, as OP said, stop trying to fix things that work perfectly fine.

  • AL

    Very well said. 

  • The Servant of Evil

    Nevermind the fact that this ui update is causing people physical issues. I know of two people having gotten headaches from looking at the UI, and a lot of Autistic people (myself included) have been suffering various anxiety issues trying to use it.


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