I strongly dislike the new reaction bar



  • General Phanter

    I just hate it that every sentence you hover over lights up and the entire mini pop menu on the right.

    It's all an eyesore to a once clean overal image.

  • Phillrie

    it is annoying and obtrusive, I like reactions but let me click the little emote button to choose, I don't need to see the 'top 3' highlight on every single line when just trying to read

  • Antivist

    it hurt my eyes so bad i searched out a feedback url. this is actually more bothersome than the steam library update 

  • Eli

    The rest I can deal with, but the reaction bar is just so glaringly intrusive. I run dark mode on Discord for a reason, and the bright ass colours of the reaction emoji's is an eyesore. I barely use reactions in the first place, but I'm not bothered with their existence. What I'm bothered by is the fact that they're distracting and make reading messages uncomfortable.

  • rachiebird

    I'm in the unfortunate spot where I actually do like using reactions sometimes. But since there's no other way to get rid of the quick reaction bar, and it's genuinely distracting/getting in the way of viewing previous messages, I guess I'll have to disable reactions entirely, and do without. 

  • Cyllarus

    It covers up the text I'm trying to read.
    It's positioned so that I'm not sure which post I'm responding to.
    It at least needs to be smaller; ideally it should only appear when I put the cursor at the end of the first line of a post.


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