Revert the changes to the UI



  • Antivist

    i went out of my way to find how to give feedback on this, its disgusting, i hate how it hovers over the text area above it, there's nothing good about it honestly, i get what they were going for, and in theory what they are going for isn't bad, but the way they did it is terrible

  • Green Tea

    Kick stones, Meow. The new update's horrible, the chat went from being well defined where you could easily distinguish who said what, when they said it, and without having a giant "HEY, YOU'RE ON THIS MESSAGE, WANNA REACT TO IT?" popup. I feel like I have to scroll down all the time because there's just something missing from it near the bottom. The people who absolutely hate this far outweigh the ones who don't, but as long as the CEO's think it looks fine, it's what we're stuck with, despite clear and obvious opposition.

  • Dylan M Windsor

    Agreed, I think that the two best things for them to do at this point are either revert the update, or allow users the choice to revert to the older UI. I personally don't like the look of the new stuff and just want it changed back. It's too cluttered with stuff I don't care about.


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