Revert this new UI change



  • Zutsutsu

    Agree with OP. Please revert most of these changes. The formatting seems way off on the new message notification so that the text is squished disproportionately into the bottom of the screen.

    The new message option floating bar doesn't even line up with the message on desktop. It is halfway on the line between the message you are editing and the message above it. It also sticks out like a sore thumb and overlaps text on longer messages.

    I'd like an option to not show the three most used react emoji.

    Edit: I'm on cozy formatting with default text size settings.


    The timestamp when mousing over a message is a nice touch and is really the only thing I would want to keep.

  • Tarshana

    Seriously. I'm glad to see there's that one pencil pusher trying to keep their job with unnecessary updates. Good job (said no one).

  • SiegDerMaus

    I agree. Please add a way to remove the emoji bar and highlight on messages when the cursor is over them.


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