Discord Mobile Landscape Orientation



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    Very basic feature. Would cause much less typo mistakes!

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  • Firble Man

    Landscape mode is a basic requirement of messaging apps.
    It's the second most important user interface function after the keyboard to me.

    I have the app on my iPod touch, which has a screen that is about 2 inches wide. My hands nearly cramp anytime I type a message longer than a sentence.

    I just can't believe it could go 3 years without getting added. I tried making a support ticket about it, but it seems there is some issue with troubleshooting it.
    "Unfortunately, our team cannot handle requests relating to Discord on landscape orientation through our general support portal, and we apologize for the inconvenience."

    They've been very nice, but I'm not quite sure where to go from here.
    They told me,
    "If you would like to see changes to these systems in the future, then you can definitely vote up the suggestions at feedback.discord.com.
    It would really help us out if you upvote the idea since feedback contributes greatly to our decision-making of which features and fixes to implement in the future based on what our community wants.
    I'm so sorry again that we don't have a current solution for you at this time, but I like to think that anything is possible in the future."

    That's what lead me here.

    The fact that there are only 11 votes on this post tells me that landscape mode used to work on mobile.

    My theory is that it used to work, (I recall getting it to flip once), but the last few updates have broken it, and nobody's thought much of it yet or mentioned it to Discord help.

    I hope this sparks others to call Discord to a higher standard, and to fix one of the most important functions of a messaging app!


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