Please, for the love of God, give us the option to undo what you just did to the UI in the Appearances menu.



  • ProSoup

    I hate this update

  • AL

     "lowest message on the screen closer to the text bar for everyone or is this just something else I'm noticing? I always feel the urge to scroll down, because it's just a lot closer than it used to be" 

    I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me, and I also kept getting that urge to scroll down but I guess it's actually part of the new UI...  I agree with this whole post, it's very well thought and put together. Should be reverted or add options in settings.

  • ⚡ Sparks T.⚡

    god i didnt even notice the messages were closer now fuck


    i also have a small specific gripe about this 

    im not sure if it's the lack of message dividers, but my ocd is screaming because even with the new message divider slider at 0px, the messages are like 2mm further apart than they were before and i actually cant deal??

    like fuck it hurts

  • Fufu Fuuf ッ

    Essa atualização tá muito ruim meu deus, oque mais da agonia é essa parte de mencionar o usuário na mensagem....
    o Designer mudou, e seria melhor se desse pra escolher esse novo ou o velho porque é muito agoniante

  • Jess Rogue

    I agree with lots of the points here. I'm a long-time light-compact user, so I don't really know how it is for cozy users.

    For one, I disagree with you on the quick menu (emoji bar). It's actually very useful to me. Instead of right clicking, hitting three buttons, I can just click. Again, very useful for a power user like me. But I would like an option to disable or customize it. I'm a big fan of accessibility in this app.

    I would like message dividers back, as well as a slider in the options to change how opaque or transparent it is.

    Also, I think they're aligning most of the things you'd read or use after the messages to the right, like the whole reaction bar. After not being butthurt about the update for 3 days, I've grown accustomed to it and it's very sleek, actually.

  • Zephlin

    I actually thought my discord was bugged and then while searching for the fix, I found this thread


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