New Discord Update: gO BACK



  • Green Tea

    Bold of any of you to assume they care about what people have to say/think.
    As long as it looks "trendy" and "hip", that's all they care about. It doesn't matter how stupidly clunky it looks, or how they shamelessly ignore peoples complaints, what matters is that the CEO's and higherups like how it looks. /We do not matter to them/. This and the fact that we've never been allowed to go back to previous updates is clear evidence of that. What a sorry state.

  • Ya girl Gamby

    The timestamps overlap with text and emoji for me.
    It's making me beyond irritated and I am thinking of canceling my nitro on my main account because of this.
    If this formating isn't fixed within a week I am going back to steam groups or something lol.

  • HarlX1

    the spacing hurts my eyes, i like the bar separating each persons message, this chat is to clustered

  • 𝙪𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙩𝙡𝙚𝙙

    Please just make these changes optional in the appearance setting. Having a giant reaction bar hovering over everything is really distracting. Love the idea though! 

  • Daniel399

    Another problem is how LOW the messages go on the screen. I have my discord window maximized and I have to look at the bottom of my screen to see the latest messages. It wasn't like that before. Who tested it and thought "yeah this is ok, let's go.". The fact that I wake up to this shit update + my internet failing me for no reason + laptop issues + CS:GO issues + my life going downhill just makes me want to wish we were never alive to pull this garbage off to ourselves. Honestly.

  • rcmate

    it's the absolute worst and i completely agree, please fix this discord

  • Halcyon

    Absolutely horrible.

  • le void

    Instead of this UI update, why don't you start thinking about having a customizable UI. Different backgrounds, custom colors, etc.. It would be more in the community's interest if you did that. If you don't like BetterDiscord and similar, why wouldn't you stomp out the competition?

  • Irvyn


  • Siege

    Update makes the desktop app feel clunky and distracting; it was very smooth feeling before the update, please change it back I beg you.

  • dafence

    this design update is literally the opposite of what they were going for with the previous update getting rid of library and activity feed lmao

  • JollyGreen

    please man  its so bad

  • Corgo

    This really makes me want to take a break from discord before it leaves

  • Fox News

    @discord please bring back activity and please revert this update

  • Foxu

    I can't bear to really use the platform with the way it looks now, it strains my eyes horribly. Nothing about this decision improved Discord's functionality, it just gave people headaches.

  • !Lt.Hodgins

    i usually don't hate on their updates but this one changed a lot of thing and it is really dumb 

  • ✩ 神様

    I've been tempted to quit Discord since they changed the layout of the friends list by stacking everybody together and organizing by status, in addition to this enormous panel that's useless for me. That "now playing" panel is constantly empty because I hardly know anyone who has a computer capable of running games.

    Now that they completely removed capability of even reading messages by removing the dividers and adding this obnoxious reaction line to messages, I just want to uninstall the app.

    I liked Discord about five versions ago. Get rid of that gaming panel in the friends list (or add the option to remove it since some people do like it), realign text to the way it was and implement the dividers again. Also, get rid of that reactions line. Nobody wants that, and it literally covers up the text if it's a particularly long message.

  • ~KiraKira~

    I literally can't edit messages anymore.
    The three dots from the options button don't even show.
    This update is terrible.

  • мιηту

    As much as I get you guys want to bring something new and all but at least consider adding an option where a person can simply choose between using the old default UI or the new UI because this new update is complete garbage. .

  • Mr.Meme

    They should stop trying to fix stuff that doesnt need fixing. the update is ugly as hell

  • malis2007

    Revert it back!! everything WAS PERFECT!!!!

    please note that i rarely comment. therefore, i am highly considering switching to another platform if it doesn't get resolved.

  • Tox

    It must took a lot of effort to update but it would be like nice as others said give us opinion to choose new or old interface or return to what it used to be.

    It bothers me a lot when a bright red line inserted into middle of message like it doesn't not even match the discord theme colour.

    Moreover, I think the hover effect is too much for me because this made me feel like I will accidentally click something. Not only the hover effect make me think so but also the stickers next to it that gives reaction. I rather click multiple times to get a proper sticker than sending unwanted reaction to someone accidentally. The hover thing/effect on message made me feel like I will accidentally clicked something in Photoshop but didn't know if it did something. I don't know if you get the same feelings as me but I just think the message doesn't need that much feedback and it wasn't really clean at all. It would be nice discord will consider our opinion. I like how discord always update and improve but this is my first time I have opinion with the new update.


  • truckman

    Stop shoving reactions down our throat Discord. Shoving reactions down our throats is obnoxious.

  • Am begging you guys plz plz revert back I've been discord nitro for 2 years am I really going give it up because of new possibly it is very nasty and awful

  • Rudjé

    it's so cramped and ugly, it's actively hard to read messages now

  • josh josh

    Messaged them on twitter and got no response, as I usually do. Cool.

  • manta

    Literally have never sent feedback on anything before until now lol 
    I have a reading disability and the way the messages are compacted, esp towards the bottom of the screen, are really killing me. It's so difficult to focus on it. 
    At least give us the option to customize how much space we have between the bar and messages between different friends/members of servers 

    I've only had this update for 2 hours and it's been driving me absolutely insane lmao 

  • The Dark Sand Rises

    Please consider undoing this last update.  Having all those options pop up for each message as the mouse travels around the window really is distracting and unnecessary

  • smoke

    PC version looks awkward now

  • Inaburin

    Whoever thought up of this new UI idea is beyond what I would call stupid as nearly everything seem more clustered together than before and I have been facing an issue whenever I send out a new message, it would kept on auto scrolling up for no reason. Please consider using a poll to vote for a selection of UI rather than implementing one where we have no choice but to suck up to it especially considering how disgusting this new UI is.


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