New Discord Update: gO BACK



  • KnightPlatinum⚧

    It's so ugly and the new message spacing hurts my eyes with how tacky and outdated it looks

  • Ashley766

    I don't usually post feedback, but I 100% agree. It's ugly and I wish they would revert it back :(

  • Blamelesss


  • Doodboi

    Yes please, it looks so ugly. There should at least be an option to change it back to the last gui.

  • Grif

    please, i have a disability and this is essentially unreadable now :/ 

  • Snow Mexican

    I agree. This new update is so bad I'm considering cancelling my nitro subscription, going back to 2010 and using skype out of spite.

  • CongaHoovy

    I find it extremely unnecessary to have a massive bar with reactions and options come up upon hover when you could just... you know, press the three little dots to the right of the message, or better yet, just right click it?

  • CatProductions

    100% Agreed.  This update has practically ruined browser discord for me.


    Edit: Also the spacing is way off now.  I practically thought I was using compact mode.

  • Huxler Le Domas

    Discord Browser is now a cursed place. Please fix this. 

  • 0xD3F

    Not a fan of it either. I don't know how to explain it. Too much for me. I liked it as it was before. But since it won't get changed back, I guess we have to live with it. First time I really want to use BD to remove that stuff.

    Who was the Designer who thought splitting up messages like this would look cool? ;c

  • Ian

    It's ATROCIOUS. Please, revert these changes.

  • fox

    Everything looks like a wall of text now, this definitely should be reverted and instead an option. Not having a divider between messages is so agitating to read

  • Ehwa

    first time posting feedback here just to say that this update sucks, the highlighting messages when you hover actually slows down the app for me

  • uToxicCake


  • DΛNΣ {[-Twisted Demon-]}

    Personally, I hate this new update, It's just horrid and hard to read, Not to mention I've missclicked a reaction MANY times already

  • Katzaklysmus

    It's not only the hover highlight, but also the lines that separated the messages.

    I might not suffer from ADD, but the highlight and the lack of that separation line are giving me a hard time reading anything at all.. I get distracted from this sensory overload really easily, it's just horrible.

    This feels like one of these sequels nobody asked for.

  • Lythel

    Yes please there is way to much on the screen, it's distracting and annoying to look at

  • Vlach

    It looks absolutely horrible and out of place. Please revert this to it's original state. It's absolutely *horrible* on pc.

  • i nomrally dont post anything because all ways love discord but this new update got pz revert back we all begging....

  • GreenBoi


  • tmpfile

    absolutely useless, trash update. time to go back to skype?

  • Yokkako


    Skype looks better now lmao

  • piss rat

    its honestly really ugly and i wish you guys would change it back. :(

  • Whoandwhy

    I think this is one of the really bad recent updates, things were going really great when they compacted now playing and stuff but this is just kinda ugly and squished.

    I'm really really hopeful discord will revert to their previous layout, that felt perfect!

  • NotMrPing

    Discord now no longer auto-scrolls either. If, for example, you have two monitors, discord on one, something else on the other, discord will no longer scroll to the bottom automatically and relies on you to mark the messages as read.

  • ghostie

    bro i saw this update and ACTUALLY wanted to bawl. like. the only reason i found this post was i typed into discord support 'how do i go back' BLINDLY. this update distresses my adhd brain . i want old discord Back

  • CeyellaMeer

    This update makes me want to quit discord, its so bad.

  • chirp

    There are so many bizarre "design" choices in this update that it's hard to believe it was given the green light at all 

  • Tobi


  • Danel

    Please can we get the old version back?


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