Changes in format for messages



  • Sylv

    I agree. I don't enjoy these features at all.

  • StarShadow

    I'd like to see an Appearance toggle called "Disable message hover effects" where the message doesn't get darker on hover and there's also no popup. The original buttons would still be there for those that use them.

  • thatguyb3rt

    Agreed as well, I would love a toggle to disable the message highlighting and overlay. 

    I'll miss the message line dividers but that is not as critical as the aforementioned option. 

  • em578

    (throwing my two cents in at the bottom of these as well, the message line dividers is critical for me but I'm fine if it's a toggle option- i've got adhd and the "wall of text" effect thats created without the dividers is making my life far more difficult than it needs to be)


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