reverse latest change to message highlighting and emoji bar



  • thatguyb3rt

    Agreed, highlighting each message in the chat along with the emoji reaction picker is very distracting.  Please at leas give us an appearance option to turn these off. 

    I would miss the lines between messages as well but that is not as critical.  

  • FurryArsenic

    An option to turn it off should be a given. When changing something as important and common as the message appearance, asking a user whether they want to change is important as many people simply will not like the new highlighting. In my opinion its distracting and annoying because I don't need to add reactions to every message I see. If I do, I right click the message and add it that way; a little box showing up on everything I mouse over is incredibly distracting.

    It would be another thing if this update went on Canary and was evaluated there (I assume it was). Then I'd understand the lack of a toggle button but this is on the main branch! I've never asked to get this, and I want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

  • XkyDiver

    I would love the ability to turn off the emoji preview.  There's no need to see them overlapping the text as I mouse over the chat!  

  • Interessent

    Agree with all the comments above - a horrible change. The option to turn it off is a must here, in my opinion.

  • rachiebird

    Yeah. I can see how it might be useful for some people, but for me it's just a distracting and brightly colored nuisance that covers up parts of previous messages. 


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