New update not disability-friendly



  • Asriel

    Discord acknowledged the criticism for the first time. On the partner Discord server where most of our reviews were relayed, a Discord developer recognised this:

    We are aware of the feedback on most of this, and the team will take a look at it tomorrow

    quikblend#0001 - You can find a screenshot here.

    In addition, you can find a support response that seems to be starting to recognize errors here:

    As a consequence, it seems that the first step, recognising that there is a problem, has been achieved, but it is far from enough now.

    However, this is far from satisfactory. Discord must now acknowledge our existence and formally respond to our grievances by restoring the old IU as an option, or significantly improving the current IU to take into account the needs of people with disabilities.

    We ask for an official statement of Discord, certifying the above commitments and we ask it with all the affection we have for this software that we want to continue to use.

    For the well-being of disabled people who use your software on a daily basis, please yield.
    You can follow the situation by this link:

  • Women Doctor

    As a person with adhd the headaches wont stop!

  • therowantree

    This update sucks, for pretty much all the reasons that have been listed here. It's difficult to read, the emoji bar is absolutely useless and clutters up the screen, the new message bar is difficult to distinguish from the rest of the messages. This update sucks. A lot.

  • Cortie

    I find it extremely stressful and harder to use. Please revert these changes and allow multiple options, if anything. This update is the worst.

  • ollie

    to all the people saying "please listen for once" and the people flaming discord support, just stop.

    Understand that Discord is completely free, and that coding actually takes time. Be patient, it's not like your life depends on discord being open and constantly looked at.

    Except from the removal of the lines between messages, I think this is a great update. I feel that's suitable to say here as I also have ADHD.

  • Typh

    it's true that coding takes time, but they've mentioned on their twitter that they don't plan on reverting changes. either that means their front-end customer support doesn't communicate with the dev team as directly as they should, or they legitimately think having uneven line/message height, using a reaction pop-up that covers text and is visually distracting, removing the horizontal lines that improve readability, removing auto-scrolling, making the text input box not be separated from the chat itself, and highlighting messages as you hover over them, as well as other things, are all great user-friendly ideas (and trust me, they are not).

    plenty of people use discord as their primary form of communication. making it worse, especially for differently-abled people, means making it harder to communicate with people. i, for one, almost exclusively communicate with friends through discord, and these changes have made it harder for me to talk with them, so i'm not happy about it.

    i've cancelled my nitro after seeing this tweet: since i don't want to financially support a company that chooses to make disability-unfriendly design changes even in the face of backlash.

    i hope discord will listen to us and add options for us to disable the worst offenders (pop-up, highlighting), and i hope they fully revert the silly design changes that no one should like (the slightly different height spacing between separate lines and separate messages, and the removal of the horizontal lines between message groups). i don't mind the red line for new messages exactly, but the new line does not disappear from the chat you're on and looking at until you navigate away to another tab, which is frustrating. i like the timestamp on hover change. removing the activity feed and such had no effect on my usage of discord, so i don't really have a comment there.

  • Green Tea

    You're not a shareholder or a CEO, so you don't matter to them. It's as simple as that, thanks Discord.

  • Kas

    Now discord send this topic with their emails,

    I want to add my story;

    I am a boy with PDD-Nos(autism), and they suspected ADHD (although I doubt that),
    Autistic people can't keep up with changes, and get distracted in snap, they tend to hold on old thing very quickly.


    Also I expected a better community communication from a gaming platform like this.

    Now my developer side;
    The one who developed this? I hope s(he) is fired already.
    People with disabilities are now not able to use Discord anymore, the team turned into a selfish, neurotypical favouring team

  • ollie

    There is clearly a BIG misunderstanding from most people in this thread.

    Discord are not saying they won't make it disability friendly, but that they aren't going to revert the update. This doesn't mean they won't change it to fit user needs.


    Heres a survey discord made, so they can properly understand how to improve. I'd suggest taking it if you want to see improvements that fit your needs.

  • Eve of Cadence


    The survey itself is really badly made, and only caters to the most obviously impaired without any attempt to integrate the feedback they got from neurodiverse people. It's a disgrace.

    Also, the thread existed for a lot longer than the survey.

  • starseed the auticorn

    I also struggle as someone who is autistic with ADHD and anxiety. Discord may say they are looking into it but... let's face it... there's been no updates on it. Even on Twitter, people are complaining to them or were complaining. I think Discord is expecting us all to just get used to all the changes and move on. One idea to get their attention on this is creating a petition for them to revert it back. I bet if enough people were to sign this said petition, it might be enough to get their attention. Because so far... they have only said they will do something about it.

  • Lycosis

    Epileptic. It's awful, every bit of it. I'm assuming they're waiting for it to just blow over, but we shouldn't let that happen. Reverting it is actually beneficial to both parties, unlike this mistake.

  • Jesse

    It's been over two weeks since I posted this feedback, and nothing has changed. I am still struggling to use Discord as the constant blinking is still running my eyes sore. I wish that posting feedback would have been useful, as it mentally implies, but seeing how the staff is so dismissive of the issues disabled people have using their software, I'm just going to assume that no one actually cares all that much. It's always easier to just do as you please, rather than listening to what disabled people need.

    But I guess that's just the same of any company regarding disabled people. We never really mattered to them in the first place.

  • Kinomora

    3 weeks and still no official comment from any discord staff or partner. This is simply unacceptable, this is the 3rd most upvoted suggestion in the category.

    The new interface changes are literally causing people to not be able to use the service they are providing, and is actively and negatively impacting the user experience for many people.

    Reverting it does not have to be the solution, but at least make an option to hide or disable some features.

    I don't even have a specific disability, but my use case make this change just as bad to me. I have very limited screen space for discord and tend to use it in half-width and/or half-height mode. This pushes all the UI elements together and I have to hide the online members panel just to get enough space to comfortably read chat- the new elements such as the "quick react" take up a significant portion of the screen and are difficult to use.

    If I'm trying to react to a message, I want to right-click anywhere on the whole message and click "Add reaction" rather than having to snipe the react button as chat is scrolling away from me. It's very frustrating to not have both as an option.

  • Megamaw

    the best thing yall can do is just be very loud about it on social media. reply to all their tweets complaining about it. i'm sure we're all well aware diverting us to this feedback site is just their way of trying to minimize the public outrage and continue ignoring the issue at this point


    don't let them hear the end of it

  • kiwi

    It finally got me. Discord crashed and it forced this update on me. Absolutely awful. I can't understand the reasoning behind it, why would anyone want a random highlight that serves no purpose? I feel like discord has gone on this trend where they feel like they have to continue pushing updates for no reason. I get if you want to push updates, but why not allow people to toggle it off? Such a simple, easy to implement option. Turn highlighting messages off. That's it. That simple. If you're pushing out all of these updates no one is asking for, the bare minimum you can do is push an update people are asking for.


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