Add a toggle to disable the reaction emojis popup/modal



  • nghia2daizzo

    This +100000. It feels like we're expected to react to every single message we see. It's one of those major minor inconveniences and just feels like clutter.

  • Tyto11

    if you find the emojis intolerable (like i do) you can turn off emoji reactions in the "appearance" tab in settings. it won't put back the lines or take away the weird highlight but for me it was a little bit better

  • bokudoku

    the redesign is busy, is adding noise to everything i mouse over :( i dont need to add a reaction to every single message and neither does anyone else.

    if every message were reacted to it would be madness.

    the hightlight over each line and the space between them is a huge annoyance

  • Enoshade

    The mouse-over reactions is an absolutely horrible addition, however it's not nearly as bad as the highlight on hovering a message. Which is just plain distracting and jarring. I feel like I'm expected to use arrow keys to navigate if I want to avoid this. There should be an option to disable this, and this certainly shouldn't be the default as it's an utterly moronic invention.

    Discord UI updates do not happen because they need to; they happen because they can. "Why fix what isn't broken" is a phrase that should be taken to heart by every developer, especially in a communication program where any UI change simply means discomfort.

  • [LOST.] CPT Ashen

    +1 please give us an option to disable this.

  • NukeULater ツ


  • Chaz

    It's hideous.


    I don't think you'll ever recover, moving to mIRC

  • mzrt





    shitposts aside: its really annoying to see 3 emojis constantly hovering on every line

  • MenachemLeibowitz

    this is terrible

  • Lukebox

    😂 react 😂 to 😂 this 😂 and 😂 that 😂


  • Lily

    It feels like they're following the Youtube development philosophy where you keep gradually making your product worse by implementing pointless changes that no one asked for.

    I wouldn't even be bothered if they cared enough to also add the option to disable these amazing features right away or allowed you to stick with the previous version until they implement the disable option but no, implement stuff half-baked with no regard to your users and see what you can get away with. Maybe at some point the 'wumpuses' at discord realize that their settings menu is massively bloated and use it as an excuse to stop implementing disable options while the problem is actually just them adding way too much UI clutter nonsense to start with.

    To quote Michael Jordan: stop it, get some help.

  • SpaceBees

    I use emoji reactions a lot and actually like having my most-used ones immediately at hand, but I agree, it should be toggleable.

  • Aernoth

    +1, adds way too much visual noise

  • waaaaaaah

    Please make an option to toggle this on/off, it's way too distracting for me to comfortably view messages.

  • shaitan

    Dumbass idea. *turned off all emojis*

  • aranna

    You guys should allow the hover option to be configurable, this would be great for admins so they could set a delete button easily avaialable. Suggestion here:

  • blaismasterson

    ya this sucks pretty bad

  • Minya

    The mouseover reaction emojis are basically making me not bother to read the channels anymore.
    After someone mentioned that you could turn off all reactions, I've done so. Now I can't see any reactions, nor use reactions, but at least I can bloody well read the text in the channels again.

    Distracting piece of junk. Please make an enable/disable option for the hovering suggestion, it's ridiculusly distracting and disturbing for normal people to read a normal text channel.

  • BexALizard

    Since the Discord twitter account asked me to come here and share my thoughts when I tweeted my complaints, here we go!

    Several specific problems I have with this update:

    -- There is no way to disable this mouseover of emojis.
    -- The emoji pop up is above the message, whereas the reactions show up on the bottom. It's even above the user name of the message, which I don't like. The user name should be the highest point visually.
    -- The pop up is high contrast compared to the dark theme and is extremely distracting when moving the cursor around.
    -- Desktop application does not need this kind of easy access to most-used emoji, which is actually handy on mobile.
    -- Emoji pop up actually covers up messages above in some situations. When a message with an image is highlighted, and the emojis are covering up a message above, depending on the size of the image you might have to move the cursor a decent way across the screen so you're not hovering over the message.
    -- This popup somehow focuses attention on reacting to a message rather than actually reading the message.

    It's just overall awful. None of my friends like it.  I like the timestamps showing up but the entire message getting highlighted with mouseover seems like a bit much to me.

  • bohdai

    the comments cover all of the reasons why this was a bad decision, but i wanted to emphasize BexALizard's point above, this needless option that cannot be toggled off without toggling off ALL emoji reactions actually covers up the content you're trying to focus on. 

    this is bad design. and it's thoughtless to make us suffer it or force us out of using the emoji feature all together. just because Slack and other similar products have a bad design doesn't mean Discord has to go down the toilet with them.

  • Baron

    Please add a toggle for the hover over message reactions.  I really don't need to put a server specific emoji on any other server I go to because one server has them for voting.  It's a terrible design to be honest.  A small percentage of messages get reacted to so why do I need to be prompted to react to every message? I need to keep reactions on so I can use them on that server too.  Please change this feature or add a toggle. 

  • Kærmysse

    I use a bot in a couple of servers I manage that uses emojis to assign roles. I can't turn emojis off, and users on those servers cannot really either. 

    On big, active servers, these are so annoying over every. single. message. I have to moderate hundreds of messages every day, and this is just too much.


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