Okay the new UI is NOT friendly to autistic people.



  • bioshockinfinite

    As another ASD person, I second this. Really wish we could undo it. It's crowded and the flashing every time I hover over a new message is already starting to mess with my eyes. 

  • Gswor

    My brother had a similar response to the changes, we really need the option to go back. I wish Discord gave us notice about these changes so they could get some feedback.

  • cloudie

    As someone who's autistic and deals w/ a bit of OCD, I absolutely HATE how cluttered the new UI looks. At the very least there needs to be an option to change between the two formats.

  • The Servant of Evil

    And it turns out we're not alone. I've seen messages of at least one person being physically ill when trying to use the new UI. It's utterly horrendous. I don't blame the UI designers, but really, the supervisor who signed off on these changes should have his eyes checked. They've done good work in the past, like the larger emojis when they're posted alone? I loved that. 

    This is horrifying however.

    EDIT: And now it's two people. One of the people on one of the servers I mod for has experienced headaches and such using the new UI.

  • kirishimaeijirou

    I really hope Discord listens not only on behalf of everyone who's clearly been saying it's a bad move but also for those who have this issue. I hope they listen guys <3

  • Grif

    this. im autistic w/ anxiety + a bunch of other IDDs and i literally had a panic attack. this is not how it should work. 

  • Rain

    As an diagnosed Aspie, yeah, I fully support this. The chat is making me really anxious, I need to see the "face" of who I'm talking to but now I can't differentiate who is who. I hate compact mode since it makes me feel like I'm not talking to anyone but a bot, but think I have to switch to that.


    I already disliked the changes made to the communications tab but I really dislike these changes. 

  • The Servant of Evil

    If they were implemented better, it wouldn't be an issue. I'm sorry to say, but without those message dividers we had before? Everything feels so claustrophobic to me.

    I was not exaggerating when I said I was hyperventilating up above. I'm glad some people are able to use this UI, but this just sort of feels like they decided "hey, you know what would make this better? Instead of grouping messages nice and neatly, let's let them all run together and make people struggle to read the flow of things!"

  • Rain

    >New UI is clean, it has stuff that only appears when you go to hover over stuff (something I only do with intent to hover), and the pop-up stuff is nice because I don't have to constantly go into various click states to do stuff... [...]


    While the idea of the UI is cool, it's definitely NOT clean!

    The highlighting of the message causes my brain to focus on that one message instead of everything, the spacing in between the messages makes it hard to read the flow of the chat and the lack of bars between the messages makes it super hard to differentiate who says what. The UI emote idea is good, but ultimately having it on EVERY message makes it so it sometimes cuts off the message when you hover on the message. It's making Discord very cluttered, especially on my laptop with a under-1080p monitor. It's also very heavy and taxing on that laptop, for that matter: it's causing my laptop to lag a lot more as it's processing more, aka "highlighting the message and giving the menu". 

    Good idea with the menu, bad implementation with everything. The spacing, imo, makes the flow really hard to differentiate. I'm a moderator in many servers and when a lot of talking is happening, I'm having a hard time following what's going on because I have to scroll up a long time to see what started the matter and that's not what I had to do before. This is making modding harder for larger servers. 

    It is SUPER distracting too when I have Discord in the background I'm browsing or posting something somewhere else and I tend to click on the chat to get back. Now every time I do so I react to a message that I did not intend to react to, because of the stupid menu. It's distracting and laggy performance-wise, it's super uncomfortable for the end user especially when the previous one had no issues. 

    And yeah, I have diagnosed OCD, Anxiety & (treatment-resistant) depression, Aspergers, social phobia, panic disorder, PTSD among other things so I guess I speak mostly for myself bu a lot of my Aspie friends or other friends with OCD or something else also hates this. Here's just an universal hatred for the UI, it's so bad and cluttered and uncomfortable.



    also @ the person above me, i find that compact mode is even harder to read, especially now that the lines are gone

  • starseed the auticorn

    Also autistic, and I AGREE WITH EVERY WORD. This is horrible. I also have anxiety and ADHD... and it's literally triggering both of those conditions. I don't want to be forced to lose all the hard-earned friends I've made because my anxiety refused to let me use Discord. Is that what you developers want? Are you even reading all this? I mean, at least... make some way for people to revert back. Maybe some sort of accessible feature that we can use due to our differences and stuff.

  • The Servant of Evil

    Akane, I know what you mean, but compact has become my only refugee from the weird spacing of the current UI. As bad as compact is, it's better than having physical issues. T_T

  • LithiumFox

    Also i may be biased cause I asked for these features like... 6 months ago.. i think. or at least i wanted them. i'm actually really happy they became real but i'm sorry everyone hates them...

  • LithiumFox

    I literally have most of this stuff. ADHD, OCD, hell, i have a crap ton of mental disorders.

    New UI is clean, it has stuff that only appears when you go to hover over stuff (something I only do with intent to hover), and the pop-up stuff is nice because I don't have to constantly go into various click states to do stuff.

    Frankly, I think it's more about the fact that you have to change your flow and less about what it's doing itself. Also the spacing gives plenty of room between words, actually fixing the clutter issues I had with the lines that i've been dealing with for months, on top of the fact that I can now actually administrate my server because I can actually tell which messages either need to be deleted or edited. 

    Frankly, I love this UI and it helps a lot with actually organizing stuff without making things too terrible distracting, unless you're mousing over the chat constantly, at which point that's a problem on your end imo. 




    Compact mode needs to be reverted. That makes sense to me.


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