Setting Toggles for UI Updates



  • Flash

    There is nothing to negotiate here, these changes should be rolled back completely and this latest update deleted from existence.

  • Remixx

    I feel that for the moment, we should have a toggle between this "new" style and the old "legacy" style. It'd allow discord to experiment with the new layout, and have it available to people who like it, whilst also giving users who preferred the old UI the option to keep that.

  • sydtherebelsquid

    @Flash   But not everyone hates the entirety of the update, and it would be remiss to spurn them when there is a simple middle ground.

  • Flash

    Well how is that my fault or the fault of the majority of this forum?
    How can you force an update like this onto someone and THEN think about the minority that might like it???

    That makes no sense, this should've been asked/tested and then implemented; but not forced on people like this.

    I am deeply sorry that I cannot feel sorry for the minority that likes the update because they f me over without even asking.

  • sydtherebelsquid

    @Flash   I'm not saying it's your fault, nor am I saying it's the fault of any other user; I'd appreciate you not put those words in my mouth. I'd also appreciate you not direct your animosity toward me, nor speak to me like I am a developer (I am not).

    I don't know how much they may or may not have worked with beta testers for this update, and I don't know the developers' thoughts behind this update. What I do know is what I've seen going through the forums. A lot of people are upset (as is their right) and I'm not suggesting that the developers do nothing. All I was saying is if the developers feel strongly about their reasoning behind this update and don't want to do a complete reversion and wipe their changes, there are ways to handle the situation without risking the loss of users (e.g., toggles).

    If you don't like my suggestion, you're welcome to downvote this thread and move on with your life, which could include starting a thread of your own.

  • TheMarkus1204

    Lines between messages, Remove Active Now and Reaction Bar (or at least give us the option to do so).

    Reactions are nice, that's why I keep them enabled but I really dislike the Reaction Bar implemented with the last update...

  • bukkake tsunami

    @Flash your opinion here is wrong lmao


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