Can I disable the new UI thing



  • Chupachu

    I complete agree, the new UI is way too cluttered and obnoxious to look at and scroll through.  Like im just tryna look at some text if I wanted emojis I'd click a tiny emoji button like how it was before.

  • personman

    strongly agree. in addition to the awful emoji bar, i really miss the spacing between groups of messages in Compact mode. it is very hard to find one's place in the huge wall of text just by the timestamps on the left. the automatic spacing was one of my favorite things about discord, i can't understand why it's gone

  • Syd Knee

    The consensus with people I've talked to on different servers seems to be that the highlighting and reaction changes are annoying and lead to people reacting unintentionally.  Though it might appeal to some people so it might be worth having the option of turning it back to the old version?  I don't need the new one removed I'd just like to have the old look back.

  • BitterSuite

    You can emoji respond to your own text and can't take the reaction off. This is a hot ugly mess. 

  • Has Furry Internet

    One of the rare times where I have to give feedback on discord. The highlighting of posts in the chat is very distracting, but what's even worse is how the little reaction bar comes up on the side of the post. It's just annoying, and literally more trouble than right-clicking the post to see the options for the post. 

    I'd like to see the old chat option come back, with no popup bar that grabs your attention and without the highlighting. Discord has been great to us in the past about giving us ways to customize our chat appearance, and I hope that they continue to give us options instead of deciding what is best for us like so many other platforms do.

  • jam

    I stronlgy agree. Currently I'm having a headache about the flashing highlight and can't really scroll through the chat. I had to disable the emoji reactions on messages, this takes a bit away of the awful mess. But I still have to try and move my cursor over the far right to not hover over the messages so they don't highlight...

    It would be really great to get to choose between this new update and the previous UI. I really loved the previous one and found nothing wrong about it. 

  • 𝚆𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠

    not gonna lie i just want to go back to discord interface 6 months ago. only retain the nitro update, maybe gain the ability to lock channel positions. nothing else. we dont want any more changes. theyre bad. 


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