Why I personally like the UI (but make it optional)



  • treos

    hate to break it to ya but you're speaking only for yourself on this as the general consensus seems to be that this update was a bad one. particularly due to it having broken voice chat...again.

  • Jäger

    I like how you literally looked at a mongol horde of "we don't like the update" and said "you're wrong and can't speak on behalf of the community." Whilst simultaneously attempting to speak on behalf of the community.

  • Erii

    Just because the UI update is perfectly fine to you, doesn't mean changes shouldn't be considered for those who don't like or are even struggling because of it. There are those with other disabilities like dyslexia who are suffering because of the spacing, and those who have ADD, ADHD, etc can be greatly distracted by the highlighting on posts/emoji bar appearing. It may not be the same for you, but people differ with their symptoms.

    I have neither of what I had mentioned, and the highlighting and cramped spacing STILL gives me anxiety and is distracting. Not only that, but it hurts my eyes. Many have complained about these things causing eye strain, which is bad. A feature which causes health complications should be reconsidered for the sake of people's health.

    Emoji bar is also distracting/breaks up text and makes it even harder to read (or focus on reading) for a lot of people. It should just be optional, since some like it and some don't. Same can be said for grey dividers (which appears to be a preference for most people) - these things shouldn't be restricted to one mode. Then it's just a matter of 'which mode has most of my preferences.'

    In general, there should be options to switch either of these things on or off and allow users to revert to the original spacing as well. Compact mode is now too even more claustrophobic for some people while comfortable mode is too spacey for others. Since that's the case, there should be a slider for the spacing, seeing as people have various preferences about that.

  • BitterSuite

    (All these people with disabilities speak for their own difficulty with viewing, spacial changes etc)

    You: The community is wrong, I have several disabilities, let me speak for them since they don't know what they're talking about.

    Nice horse, high much?

  • Arrividerci

    Idk why people keep complaining about the new stuff. Instead of saying that the new UI is shit, you should be just suggesting stuff to improve it than trashing it. I know that many people will disagree with me but tbh, some of the new features in this update I consider useful.

    1) New text formatting is a great feature that makes less hassle trying to remember how to format text in Discord.
    2) Emote reaction bar requires less actions since you just put the mouse pointer on a message and it pops out instead of needing to right click and find the react menu, etc.


  • DerAlleinTiger

    What about those of us who liked the cozy view specifically because it wasn't as cluttered and we find the pop-up bar extremely distracting and anything but 'cozy?'  I've used cozy view for years and have loved it up until now.  The lack of lines between messages to space them out and organize them, the constant chunky pop-up, the flickering of the highlight and emojis as I scroll.  It's extremely distracting and, yes, strains my eyes a lot.  I do not want to use the compact mode because I've never liked the look of compact mode.  I just want the cozy mode the way it was before.  Why not, instead of ruining everything for people who liked cozy mode the way it was and maybe actually like the new update in compact the way it is, adding an option to just revert back?  You can keep the new UI if you want it.  They worked on it, after all, so might as well have it as an option.  I, however, am finding it very unpleasant and actively making me avoid scrolling through my own servers.

  • CoD511

    To the Discord team:

    I beg you as a paying customer and as someone who visually has a great deal of difficulty coping with this forced visual update, to please add as an accessibility option to revert back to the previous UI option that has the previous separation involved.

    I understand this adds additional work and compatibility issues that may arise in the future and will add to developer workloads but I hope your team is as community focused as claimed and listens to the community. Because this is a significant change that has disrupted much of the community and not only myself from what I'm able to tell. It may seem small but it's extreme in its significance on user experience.

  • razor

    alright, you might be fine with the changes with your disabilities, but as someone who has tics i move my mouse a lot highlighting the messages and its so distracting. the fact you don't even remember your on issues is pretty much a yike. please don't talk on behalf of us as its not helpful. you could have easily said this is my opinion rather then put us down and act like anyone talking about their issues is invalid. 

  • Bike Man

    The disability card has already been played on the side of keeping the old UI. Also, how do you not even know your own disabilities? I do not suffer from any but I would surely remember them if I did. For your own sake please learn about what you have so you can deal with them better. You have greatly misjudged the community's opinion on the UI. The new chat is objectively harder to read, whether you have a disability or don't. That is a fact that cannot be denied. 

  • ]]

    "Please don't listen to people thinking they're talking on behalf of the community" but the community doesn't like this, we are the community, have you seen the other posts on this thread? All negative. Who thinks they're speaking on behalf of the community here? You, man

  • amphobius

    It's rather funny that OP is trying to pull the same stuff they've done on other forums. It's also massively disappointing and I've lost any remaining respect I had left for them.

    I have neurodivergent friends with ADHD, dyslexia, autism and while I myself only have to live with dyspraxia I can still say on their behalf this update is horrible for them. One person literally cannot read the text on screen without getting lost and getting a headache. You do not get to invalidate mine, my friends, nor the thousands of affected people here by saying "I think it's fine and you don't represent everybody, because blahblahblah". Again, something you have pulled several times elsewhere.

    You might be able to try to defend a flawed tyre model, but this is just pure attention seeking driven ableism

  • LithiumFox

    Oh I'm going to have fun with this one. *cracks knuckles*


    First off, at no point did I invalidate anyone in this post. I stated my personal experience. I stated what I personally thought, using specific terms, such as "Personally", literally STARTING OUT this entire post.

    I provided specific examples of ways they still need to improve the UI in specific ways that I personally did feel were entirely valid from others, and frankly, I have actually changed my mind on a few of things based on more detailed feedback from other users that explained some of their causes. 

    Overall, I expressed MY PERSONAL feelings on the subject. I did not speak for any of you. I did not say "we", I did not say "us." I said "I", I said "me". I said "my".

    You guys STILL manage suck at reading comprehension. 

    On a side note, I am diagnosed with ADHD, CPTSD, and taking anti-depressants and Vyvanse [oddly enough I was on Concerta for about 10 years], so in this case, I was speaking ENTIRELY on my own god damn experience, expressing that me, personally, who also has disabilities, have had this particular experience.

    The best part is, at no point did I actually invalidate anyone. My experience does not invalidate your experience. My experience merely expresses MY experience. I did not feel represented. You do not represent me. 

  • LithiumFox

    And at no point, in this post, in this specific thread, did I say a SINGLE ONE OF YOU was wrong. I expressed MY feelings only. 


    Ya'll need to learn not to project or feel immediately insulted by someone expressing how they feel themselves. 

  • LithiumFox

    Honestly the only thing I could think of that would get the responses I did is the title of this post which, frankly, i totally didn't look at after my initial pissfit and proofreading my actual post. >.> Which clearly none of you read.

  • amphobius

    "Please don't listen to people" is language you use when you're trying to invalidate them and their experiences. You've listed your own disabilities in an attempt to further invalidate them, as if your own experience is the one that matters.

    That is ableism.

  • LithiumFox

    Yeah, I figured it was the title. I changed it now cause the title was bullshit, you're right about that.

    >.> I spent like an hour re-reading this post to make sure it didn't come across like that and completely forgot to proofread the title. I really don't like invalidating other people, I just don't like not being represented myself and people speaking like they speak on behalf of everyone, which... is kind of a common theme. 

    (Plus kind of one of those things from childhood where people made decisions for me)

    Apologies for the that. I was reading the post and got really confused, but then I saw the title and cringed really really hard at what I wrote there.

  • LithiumFox

    Added a little bit to the first paragraph. I hope that helps too. Validation is important. I defend inanimate objects like a tire model because I personally do believe that the people behind it are working their best, but I do not like stating that other people are not experiencing something just because I like something.

    Again, apologies if it came across that way amphobius. (I also have this tendency to get really upset when I try really hard to not do something and somehow it comes across exactly like that. Literally spoke with a friend about that last night)

    You were right in how it came across. I hope the edits made it come across better, even if you disagree. If you have any other changes (other than my opinions, of course), let me know. I really do not want to come across that way and, again, apologies that I did. I totally see what you were seeing now and holy crap that was bad.

  • amphobius

    Thanks for that. You're free to like the new UI - I think it's important to express that - but when people on here have posted things like the message highlighting making them temporarily blind I think it's incredibly unfair to suggest that Discord shouldn't listen to them. The message separation in Cozy mode is massively important with people who struggle to read larger bodies of text or (in my personal case) struggle to pay attention because the way we type typically is broken up into shorter thoughts.

    There's both good and bad and to me it's extremely concerning that it was pushed to stable without consideration towards accessibility. Thanks for changing the mood of the post.

  • LithiumFox
    • @treos: I am speaking for myself, yes, that was the point of this post. I've edited it to hopefully get this across better.
    • ---------------------------------------
    • @Jager: I spoke on behalf of myself, while telling them not to listen to you. It was more of a "hey, don't ignore me and maybe if there's anyone else like me who likes it". But the wording was crap. You right.
    • ---------------------------------------
    • @Erii: You're right, people do. But I'm expressing my experience, personally. In fact, I'm on too low of a dose right now for a lot of things to matter and it's really freaking awful. Hell, i'm writing this entire thing up at work because i'm obsessively thinking about it and need to get past it so I can go back to working on case notes. But you're right here. Which is why i did the edit.
    • ---------------------------------------
    • @BitterSuite: At no point did I expressly state that you were wrong, but I can certainly see how it came across that way. Not a high horse, so much as I felt like I was so far in the minority that no one was going to care what my opinion was anyway. But I certainly see how it came across that way.
    • ---------------------------------------
    • @CrystalFenix: A lot of this I agree with. The lines were always distracting to me. I actually hate them. Solid colors are flat, easier for me to box into but also easier to flow. Lines always feel like "hard stops" for me. I might add this to my post above. The Emote bar is true to. I do not often use emojis because I just don't remember it's there, the new one, while distracting, kinda reminds me it exists.
    • ---------------------------------------
    • @DerAlleinTiger: I do think it should be an optional thing in Appearance, so I agree you should have the ability to go back if you want to. Maybe an "Open Range" option for the new look, or something. Idk. 
    • ---------------------------------------
    • @CoD511: I am also a paying customer. So that... isn't really a good argument. I also pay for several bots, some for different servers even. 
    • ---------------------------------------
    • @swallowarazor: That is... a name..... Also I have some pretty bad memory problems thanks to said disabilities. Like... Some days I can remember things extremely well. Some days, I cannot. Yesterday, and the day before, I also was unmedicated. So, yes, it's a yikes, but probably not the way you expected. Today is my last pill because, well, reasons. Doctor and insurance reasons. So, yeah. I don't remember a lot of things people tell me. Sometimes even stuff i do myself. Kinda part of that combination of ADHD/PTSD thing, I guess? We never really got a chance to look deep into it because I was supposed to last month but then, well, insurance changed. lol. Probably should get that figured out I guess. Didn't put you down at all. And it was entirely an opinion. But I could see how you would see it that way.
    • ---------------------------------------
    • @Bike Man: Because it was breifly discussed and something we were focusing on getting the stuff I already knew about done and out of the way before actually working to manage it and it's been a bit since my diagnoses on that. As for the new chat being objectively harder to read, the new chat is how I have my VSCode setup. I see lines as hard stops, it makes it a pain.
    • ---------------------------------------
    • @oof: ya you right. That title was crap.
    • ---------------------------------------
    • @amphobius: Thank you for being the reason I actually looked this over. Hopefully this was improved satisfactory. But side note: I literally don't care what respect you do have for me. I don't even respect me so... lol. What would I care if someone else does? But, I don't wanna make others feel bad or invalid. So, I appreciate you speaking up on that part. No one should feel invalidated, at least in terms of things that aren't in their control. But they should absolutely feel invalid on their feelings of tyre models. (this is a joke).

    Again, apologies to anyone who felt I was trying to invalidate them or anyone else, it was not my original intent, despite how it did, admittedly, come across that way. I got defensive because I felt I didn't do that, but after re-reading everything, I could, well, frankly, easily see at that point how it came across that way. 

    I think I've responded to everyone specifically, because I do prefer to give individual responses to folk. At this point, I just kind of want this whole week to be over so... yeah. Um. Don't have to forgive me, but I do hope that you all feel better and they fix what you want. Despite the fact that I like the UI, they probably should fix the issues they're having.

    (Also since people have been talking about it, yes, the lines above are intentional. I hope it helps with legibility for ya'll.)

  • LithiumFox


    I just saw your latest post (was doing this on two windows).

    Yeah, I do agree with that. Again, sorry for upsetting you or anyone else. I'll probably make a few more edits to add some additional things I feel and some additional ideas I'd have, but I do need to get back to work. Thank you for... also that last statement. 

    >.> Also V7 is great and feels great. :P <3 

    But... I am trying the other sims again too. ACC seems like it feels better now too. But... yeah. That's for private discussion or something maybe, lol. ;)

  • Jäger

    ... You do realize your title to a post is what you want the main focus of your post to be about, and is essentially your thesis statement right? If you're launching a frontal assault on all the posts of genuine - and fair - concerns by saying, "THESE PEOPLES POINTS ARE WRONG" in the title of your post, it sets the tone for very hostile discourse, especially when you just spit in the face of all the 50-some posts that contrast your position. 


    You can't expect people to not get angry at your or "lack reading comprehension" when your thesis is completely based on being ignorant and inconsiderate.

  • LithiumFox

    Yeah. That's why I changed it. And then apologized. Because it was stupid of me to do that.

    Little bit late to the party, But I do totally understand needing to let it out. Hope it helped.

  • lupangzi

    interesting thing


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