Something no one seems to be talking about



  • kirishimaeijirou

    Oh dang I didn't even notice that that's horrible..

  • Bambi


  • .lichtenstein

    I find it annoying the boxes seems so unpleasant to see or watch. The new reaction thingy is much more useful than those 'text boxes' we see. Whenever you move your mouse cursor in discord, you see boxes in each message. And it is very annoying.

  • unni

    tf you mean, this is a good thing

  • ArsenyZvonar

    First of all, designers are no dumb people. If there was no benefit in changing interface, then they wouldn't do that. This "hate" is very common and comes from having to get used to new things. Just because it's not how it was, not necessarily because it's bad. It also disappears very quickly once you get used to it.

    Second of all, you need to chill dude.
    > Being one of the greatest VoIP apps. > Providing tons of useful features and doing it exceptionally well.
    > Being a free app.
    - Ah, yeah, nice. Guess I could even buy a subscription.

    > Minor UI change that doesn't affect functionality.
    - I'm not paying for this GARBAGE!


    I just don't understand how you can call it garbage. If Discord is garbage, everything else certainly is, too.

  • Ikual

    I mean, it looks better for me and makes things a bit more eat to follow for me. :P

  • AlStar500

    What do you mean it looks better and easier to distinguish. Besides it is stupid to cancel nitro because of a minor ui change.

  • L00d

    I prefer 2015 Discord's look over this. This is garbage, literally unusable.

  • Frixon

    This is one of the most 1st world problems ever... they changed the UI, and you're throwing a tantrum... Need some chill man. I don't care for the changes but I'm not gonna rage about it on their forums about it. There's a way to tell a Dev you don't like their change and throwing a hissy fit and proclaiming your going to cancel your subscription just does nothing to help their development and just makes you look like a clown..

  • RayJ

    Garbage has been back again

  • Snow God

    This is the stupidest rant I think I've ever seen. If you need to add more, and you simply cannot stand to have an extra 2 pixel space between this thought and the last, just edit it. In what situation do you need this so bad it becomes a deal breaker. Most likely when you're ranting to someone and want your nonsense to look flush and professional. Either edit, type actual cohesive thoughts into one message, or just go back to Skype or Teamspeak, since it's such a deal breaker Karen.

  • Funyun

    It is very funny to see someone call an app "garbage," an app that they were already paying for regularly, because the developers have made it easy to delineate where posts begin and end. This change is literally a few pixels away from being absolutely nothing. Calm the hell down.

  • AlyCatVR

    If you keep using it, you'll get used to it. Change is good.

  • ^-^

    A glitch? I've seen that all the time and I'm fine with it

  • Mansano

    Oh yeah, right right this change made Discord really unusable. Let's all of us cancel our Nitro subscriptions because of a couple more pixels of space between messages.

  • DominusTrax

    They will fix this shortly and don't cry because of them having a minor error saying your going to cancel the subscription. Yes you have an opinion but this honestly makes you seem like a clown.

  • Lost in wonderland

    You need to grow the hell up if THIS is what you're sooo upset about. Really?! Spaces between lines? You need to get out more yo

  • Richard Castle

    What the heck, dude ? There's literally two more pixels added and you're already raging ? What if the spacing was bigger and you had to scroll down ? Just stop being childish. This doesn't even break functionality.

  • Yøshi

    Literally unusable smh my head

  • ☆✧.+*Mittens*+.✧☆

    Have you stopped to consider that no one is talking about it because it isn't a problem? I'm sure most people haven't even noticed the small additional space in between messages. It affects absolutely nothing for Christ sake! I'm sure discord won't miss your 5 dollars at all. It's almost sad taking money from a fool.

    As for the new UI, I don't see a problem with that either. For anything it makes the app look better and easier to navigate. I especially love how they out space between the categories so they aren't all smashed together. But that's my opinion I suppose.

  • Lynnea

    Lol wow

  • Blank

    Just get used to it 4head

  • Kitonami (He/Them)

    It's not even a issue, why are you so upset about this? Sure it's a bit mildly infuriating but the fact that 2 pixels is enough to make you want to cancel your subscription is just dumb. The app isn't "useless" because of some small change that you happened to notice. It's not a big deal and that's why no one is talking about it. You'll get used to it anyways just like the previous updates.

  • GulliverBFG

    OMG. Thin skin much. If you think you can do better, go spend the fortune if time necessary to become a developer on a par with the dudes building Discord, and create a better app. Until then, watch and wait for the updates the rest of us. Positive energy trump's negative energy. Don't bum out the dev team. Schmucks.

  • Zen the Fen

    At the absolute very least, if they're going to change the UI, then they should give us the option to change our own UI style or settings in case we don't like what got changed. And honestly, I'm surprised this wasn't done earlier...

  • Riddler

    Imagine getting this pressed over some line spacing 😂😂

  • vince

    ??? this is a good thing though

  • ggkthx

    In my opinion this is the one of the worst changes coming out of this update, but gets overshadowed by more flashy changes. It makes it harder to read and at the same time takes way too much space. Discord designers seem to think people write in chat in a slow letter manner with a huge paragraphs, but thats not the case. Small quick messages, that are majority in chats, are now all f****d up and flicker when you hover over them.

    At least give us an option.

  • kriskotooBG

    @ArsenyZvonar Issue is: when scrolling in the messages, they flash really quickly. And that makes me dizzy... For me it's not only that it looks bad for me, but also I have physical bad side effects from it! It would at least help to add an option to turn message highlighting off in the accessibility options...

  • Freddson

    I feel the same man, I also hate this UI update.


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