Constructive critismism on Minimal UI changes



  • HelixProxy

    Thanks for typing this all in a super cohesive manner.


    Just wanna add:
    A while back Discord Devs reduced the amount of spacing between messages sent by the same user. This made everything very nice and compact. It's been reverted and now they're spaced out again. Would like to see that reverted too. Using the option in Appearance to change "chat font spacing" doesn't accomplish anything. It just scrunches everyone's icons together.

  • JRM

    I personally disliked that change because the text weight, and fonts for text styles were changed as well. I think in general some better options for text and message spacing/fonts/highlights, ECT would resolve most of these issues. Give some options for customization instead of putting everyone in one box fighting over which is better. Everyone's preferences are different, but one things for sure, none of us want our screen crowded with unneeded and obstructing features.


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