UI Issues and Accessibility



  • Cessna

    Completely agree.

  • Lyarrah

    This. I'm seeing many posts complaining about the UI changes but this one does the best job of explaining why it's actually a problem and not just a standard "they changed it now it sucks" pushback.

    The menu flashing as you scroll is very noticeable, the giant NEW is distracting and the brightest thing on the page and completely unnecessary, not to mention the font is so scrunched it's basically illegible anyway.

    The lack of small lines between the different messages makes the whole screen into one big block. I tried fiddling with various settings before complaining, too, and none of them seem to improve it in the least :/ adding spacing between lines doesn't actually separate them the way the little lines did. I'm fortunate enough to not have dyslexia or anything similar, but I'm still literally getting a headache and eye strain trying to read anything on discord right now.

    The previous design has been in play for at least a year from what I can tell, with no changes to at least the main chat box during that time. This is a major step backwards in terms of accessibility, and I would thank you guys to at least add a "classic" option to the styles if not revert this entirely.


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