Increase channel limit



  • Donovan_DMC

    The limit is to help clients loading them, I would take a good bet that they aren't raising them. How do you even get above 100, that seems like you're doing something abusive there.

  • Kaelikbug

    I didn't even think about there even being a limit at all, but if I did, I wouldn't even think the limit would be that wut. That's amazing that there's even a server existing with that many channels.

  • Donovan_DMC

    the limits are:
    Roles: 250* ****
    Channels: 500 ****
    Members: 250,000**
    Friends (includes current friends, and pending requests (both ways)): 1000

    Emojis: 100 (50 normal/50 animated)***

    * Managed roles (inviting bots and the booster role) bypass this, they still count, but for example: if a server has 250 roles, and a bot is invited with permissions, the server can now have 251 roles

    ** this limit is just the default, once servers reach here, they have to reach out to Discord to get it raised

    *** different for boosted servers:

    - Level 1: 200 total (100 normal/100 animated)
    - Level 2: 300 total (150 normal/150 animated)
    - Level 3: 500 total (250 normal/250 animated)

    **** names of these are 100 characters max

  • Smartguy88

    Also, I think that there is a channel (text, voice included?) limit of 50 per category, not sure about boosted servers or if it is just my computer/server. Trying to exceed that limit, the 'create channel' button does not react. It there a way around this (bar bots)?

  • marsman57

    I take pause at the suggestion that hitting the 500 channel limit is a sign of abuse. I think you are just not considering all the use cases of Discord in this instance. For example, I am in some movie groups on Discord and we create an individual channel to discuss each new wide release film as well as some limited films. This results in about 15-20 channel creations per month. Extrapolate that out and it becomes easy to hit the limit in the course of a couple of years.

    We just have to delete old movie channels largely,

  • OverKill

    marsman57 Hey man I'm also moderating a server that is a movie discussion group. I've created a bot that can archive your discussion channel and give you a text file which has the <timestamp> author: Message Content (URL) (Attachment URL) template. If you want to use it you can message me on discord and I can help you with it so you don't have to lose the discussions on the channel when you delete the channel. 


  • thebeard

    I help administrate a server for Kickstarter (only boardgames on Kickstarter) and we have struggled with the 500 channel limit for a long time.

    Saying something is a sign of abuse simply because you cannot imagine ever needing 500 channels is rather a ridiculous position to take.

    We also have to delete channels, sometimes making very tough decisions that impacts our community as they lose chat from over a long period of time.


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