Please revert the update



  • Skyfus

    I don't expect them to revert it in a little bit, I expect them to revert it as soon as they are able to (however long that may take) following the near-universal backlash to features that clearly weren't in demand.

    I'm not freaking out,  just making my opinion known like many others - since the end user has a responsibility to provide constructive feedback to the provider, in order to develop the product in a positive direction. You'll note that instead of calling the developers a bunch of nasty names, I pointed out that they might not have put as much thought into this as they could have prior to release, and linked an informative, neutral tone post that highlights the grievances.

    You, on the other hand, need to stop putting words in my mouth and fighting the battles of people who have an entire PR team.

  • Skyfus

    Oh sweet, you deleted your comments here too after I called you out on your behaviour!


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