Reaction Bar Horrible



  • AlbinoRaven666

    at least give us the option to turn it all off...

  • OldMansBeard

    I don't like it either.

  • ChrisKL99

    I don't like the reaction bar, either. It is aesthetically busy and distracting, and doesn't appear to serve any functional purpose of value.

  • Alstro20

    100% needs to be optional. It's cool and a good idea, and I would personally use it, but it's still very visually intrusive.

  • Jess Rogue

    The quickmenu reaction bar thing is very nice to me, actually.

    Also, the red line has always been a thing. What's so different about it now?

    Additionally, the update's been out for almost 3 days now. Why are people only getting angry about it now?

  • Cyllarus

    It covers up the text I'm trying to read.
    It's positioned so that I'm not sure which post I'm responding to.
    It at least needs to be smaller; ideally it should only appear when I put the cursor at the end of the first line of a post.


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