A Detailed Criticism of the New UI Update



  • khakis

    Cannot bump this enough there's something so wrong about all the messages highlighting all the time whenever i move my mouse around, my discord updated and as soon as i loaded a chat i went looking for an option to turn off all the highlighting.

    I don't see why the system with the divider lines had to be changed at all they worked perfectly fine imo

  • Mykll Valiant

    Nicely written up.  I should not have to disable reactions completely for everything just to get rid of that reaction bar someone thought was a good idea.  This update caused me to cancel my Nitro sub.  Not happy with some other things they have done in the past (like constantly begging me to gift a Nitro sub (good luck with that now!) every time I want to type something in) but this update, with the many horrible changes listed above, nail in the coffin.

  • Prometheus-II

    Thanks for collating all this, but you failed to mention what IMO is the worst part: the spacing of the messages. You alluded to it a few times, but I think it deserves an entry of its own. 

    Cramped Messages

    Everything, EVERYTHING is cramped now. Reacts are much closer to messages. The red "new" line scrapes the text of any message below it. The space between messages from different users is painfully small too - instead of the user's name resembling a header, it looks like just another message, except colored, which only adds to the visual processing issues this update introduced. To add to the confusion, the spacing between messages from the SAME user doesn't appear to have changed at all. In fact, that spacing is pretty much equivalent to the new spacing between users. On second look, actually, that's not correct; the spacing between users is about twice the size of the spacing between messages. However, the screen is so cluttered now that everything looks painfully condensed anyway. Without the separating lines (another bad UX decision), it becomes increasingly hard to tell who's saying what. 

  • bokudoku


  • Kazuma Taichi

    I'm glad that people are discussing the absence of the old dividers, because that was something my eyes were definitely noticing that my consciousness couldn't quite figure out. I constantly find myself having to do double takes when I look over to new messages to try and figure out where I'm at, and the lack of dividers plus the new "new" bar are definitely the offenders


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