FOLKS POSTING ABOUT UI: find posts to upvote & comment on, there are too many posts for them to read already!



  • AL

    I've actually been liking every post about it for the past 4 hours.. 

  • lauren_

    Awesome :) similar, but some people were still posting so I wanted to get their attention and try to slow that down. props for the good work o7

  • Did Your Mother ***A Snowman!?

    It doesn't need "more work" the update needs to be reverted, keep it simple and clean as it was.

    I've upvoted every topic I've seen on the front page of Feedback>Chat that pertains to the UI, I don't go out of my way to log in to the support site for nothing; this is the first and hopefully the last time I'll have to do this to voice my complaint about a bad UI update. I've never had a problem with any Discord or Discord UI update until today when I updated and I've personally never seen this much complaining about a UI update in Discord Servers as I have with this one.

    I absolutely hate the UI changes that came out with this update.

    There will be many more postings about this UI update either in previous posts or new ones, whether on this support forum or on reddit and elsewhere. The message should be heard loud and clear from the Discord community.

  • lauren_

    No for sure @ complaining, same, I've never used this site in particular before, but from experience being on the other end of sites like this, it's actually harder to figure out for sure if lots of users want a thing if a few users are very loud about it. Because many people agree, it'll be more effective to let that be seen, and people posting new things make the highly upvoted ones a little less visible.

    I think, uh, experts (you and I and the other person over there and the rest of us all), are divided about what parts of this update are good, and what I mean by "more work" is that not being clean and simple is a thing that happens when you make a rushed change - it feels to me like the things that bother me about the change are things that only are part of the change by mistake, really, like the emoji picker should be less prominent but I do like it being *very slightly* more prominent than it was before, much less than now. I do think merely reverting the most recent change is probably the right move for them, idk why they still haven't - it should be pretty quick to do. shrug, we're allies in this.

  • Demonfang Arun

    I think the mentality is that the wave of "THIS NEW UI SUCKS" posts is to get that simple fact through the heads of whoever was behind this change and to get it reverted in its entirety.

  • Did Your Mother ***A Snowman!?

    To be blunt, they shouldn't have rolled out the UI update like this; there should've been beta testing for it to iron it out.
    They've got no one to blame but themselves if they struggle to keep up with the amount of complaints they're getting.

    I personally don't like how more prominent the reaction button is, I don't like how it seemingly pops out of the message along with the "more options" icon; I don't like the highlight feature for it and the rest of the messages and I don't like that the message dividers are gone.

    I hate the 2/4/2020 UI Update

  • Flash

    The update is horrible and should be reverted, simple as that.
    There are a lot of posts about it with a lot of up votes, they just don't listen.

    Either they are not working or they just don't care because there should've been an answer by now.

    It's like when everyone is asking to improve the blocking feature and they just say that they can't and that we should deal with it lmao, they just don't give a single f


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