A hopefully constructive opinion about Feb 2020 UI



  • TheMarkus1204

    If they just remove (or give us the option to hide) the "Active Now" Bar and the Reaction Bar that hovers over every message in every chat, it'd be PERFECT...

    @AmberZeChao: Be glad they don't display Offline Friends in "ONLINE" Tab anymore... cause the UI WAS really cluttered! Does the Reaction Bar hovering over every message in chat not distract you? In Web-UI if you want to edit a message you need to click on the dots all the way to the right... click wrong and you send a reaction to a message you don't want to... In Desktop it is ok, cause you only need to right click the message you want to edit or more (you can send reactions through this, too)

  • AmberZeChao

    I'm okay with this opinion, despite my immense hate for the chat UI it could probably be worse. Still, I hope they listen to their community and at the very least adjust things to be better.


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