I like the new UI tweeks. Nicely done!



  • Chris

    you're in the minority here, the general consensus from everyone I've seen is hate for it or thinking its a downgrade, obviously like what you like but radical changes like these shouldn't be forced on those that don't want them especially if they're in the majority, this update also broke many things relating to the new message line and voice chat. it feels rushed and unfinished and shouldn't have been made in the first place.

  • GenericGamer

    I certainly am in this chat.

    What else specifically is bad about the new interface?

  • Daetur

    You could check out some of the many, many posts on this forum to see people's specific complains.


    The most common major issues beyond simply 'it's unnecessary visual noise' and 'it's ugly' seem to be that

    a.) The message highlighting and 'react' button appearing on mouseover is distracting, especially for people with conditions like ADHD, and a few posters with motor control issues for whom the highlighting flashes rapidly any time they have a twitch that moves the mouse, and

    b.) the removal of line brakes between text in Compact mode makes messages much harder to read and differentiate from person to person, especially for users with conditions like Dyslexia.


    For these people, it's an accessibility issue, and I can't see the benefit to these changes that makes it worth making the interface less useable for a sizeable group of people.

    Do you just like the 'look' of the changes, or is it providing some kind of benefit for you?

  • GenericGamer

    It seems like a couple check-boxes in appearance options would make most happy.

  • Daetur


  • Ashe

    If people like it, Discord should give us an option on if we want this or not, and if not, we should be able to turn it on or off, but at the same time this is harming disabled users.  Many of my friends and myself included are disabled and have been having issues.

    My friend with epilepsy has had to stop using discord due to the scrolling and the bright lights that came with it, I have ADHD, my brain isn't able to understand the messages now. I have visual issues and the bright color of the red line has been fucking with me this entire time. It hurts my head to simply use desktop, which I deleted. It's a huge pain in the ass for dyslexic people who often used the lines to help.

    That's just on that, with this new update everything is broken, from calls to notifications and all. Since its a new update its a bit understandable but it's more issues.

    It's not disabled friendly and the old format was. There's a lot more issues but honestly this is about it. It's ugly, not disabled friendly, and broken.


  • Hulk

    Literally drowning out good suggestions with a flood of complaints. Those challenging the rebels are getting millions of downvotes. It's war fellas.

  • ]]

    You're ignoring the fact that it's causing genuine problems for those with disabilities. The problem isn't change, it's that there's genuine oversights in this update, genuine mistakes that shouldn't go unchanged


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