Add toggle for new message line appearance



  • 天天

    It's a pretty jarring colour of red that matches virtually nothing else in the UI. I don't know why they did this apart from some weird fetish for Slack's UI.

  • Lissome

    Yeah, it definitely is jarring. Usually when things bug me and I can't - do - anything about it, my anxiety starts to rise. I've in fact freaked out a few times from the stress, so I'm a bit peeved my discord auto updated.

  • Nathan

    I hate the new red new line as well, It doesn't look as clean as what we had before, a massive downgrade.

  • Adre

    I havený updated to the new UI yet and I don't intend on doing that any time soon, but if it's like the old one, you should be able to get rid of it by hitting escape


  • Lissome

    Yes, but it still reappears after someone says something, so it's a very temporary fix. I'd like to turn it off forever.

  • mystikgalaxea

    This is the one thing I agree with amongst all this NEW CHAT IS BAD screaming. It is def jarring and makes me a bit uneasy lol. I send a message impulsively to get rid of it. xD

  • Moxxi

    its horrid

  • Lissome

    I'm glad it's not only me.


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