Look at this spacing



  • Flash

    This is a huge problem for people that have problems with reading and such.

    This update gives me headache if I'm talking to someone for more than an hour.

    Thanks God I can use voice chat because If not I would've uninstalled the app because of the update, I pity some people just won't understand how huge of a problem this update is.

  • FstMario

    Ah, yes, another non-issue posted that scarcely affects anyone or anything. At least you're not like the guy who threatened his and his wifes nitro over it... lol.

    I just don't see an issue with it, it really isn't something that's worth discussion over. Makes sense that the top line correlated with your discord username, I'm presuming it's pushed lower in the second line in reference to a second image and due to the username being on the first line? Perhaps they wanted to make italics stand out more in texts, so when used it would be better to distinguish in texts? I mean, you're doing individual messages so this would be different relative to a paragraph. Just a few food for thoughts I guess


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