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  • riley

    I wouldn't call it a mental disability but I have a visual processing disorder that's very sensitive to color contrast (e.g. bright white background or super dark background strains my eyes or can even make me nauseous).

    Before I updated the app, Discord was the app that always has been the easiest on my eyes due to the dark background that's not pure black with text that's not pure white. I updated it today and the color differences in the font have really aggravated my visual processing disorder, causing me to feel nauseous after reading messages for a relatively short amount of time. 

    The increased contrast between the message font and the background wouldn't be that much of an issue, but the contrast between the channel names and the backgrounds seems to have been lowered, so the constant adjusting has caused a lot of eye strain.

    Would definitely appreciate at least an option to revert back!


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