When you delete your account, ALL your sent messages in ALL servers should be deleted.



  • bats

    I agree. The way it is now, account deletion still allows for people to use personal, and sometimes intimate information that you shared with them against you. I would rather not exist at all to people that I have cut off.

  • Osaka

    Listen to this basic suggestion Discord, stop making useless updates and give us what the community actually want. Deleting completely our account is a right, and having not this possibility even looks like kind of illegal. HOW such a platform don't have basic things like that ?


  • sshiverr

    I totally agree with you as I feel the same way. Please Discord, give the people what they want and please add this feature. EVERYTHING with your account should get deleted when/if you delete your account. Please we want this so bad

  • Lynx

    PLEASE implement this. I have known friends who have been victims of blackmail because they have used pictures she posted and forgot to delete after deleting her account, using those pictures to dox her location. This is a VERY straining problem discord currently has. I wish they would update so that every past message will be deleted upon account deletion, or at the very least, give the users ability to purge all their messages in both DMs and servers.

    For the sake of social security, privacy and safety of ALL Discord users.

  • davidd


  • Atmo

    I agree with this.

  • 01butter

    Really agree with you Lynx I also know people who've gotten doxxed and their personal lives threatened because they couldn't have their information deleted off of servers.

  • ||||||||

    yes please

  • lecktras

    Please make this a feature. I have had many friends delete their accounts, some more than once, just because of this problem or ones very similar to it that could be alleviated by this feature.

  • hopefully discord does something about this. the messages should expire or something at least over time. i dont see the point of keeping up messages from deleted accounts forever like they do, it's actually really quite concerning. i hope this changes, espically now since im seeing people upvote and post this in feedback more often.

  • TheNullPlayer

    The current account "deletion" system is completely insufficient. No one should have to give up access to their account yet still have to worry about their full digital life still being exposed. It could be that dumb thing you said while you were drunk, your breakup with an ex in a Discord server or even that slightly risqué meme you made a long time ago. Now all it takes is for someone like Skai Jackson to find it and label you a racist, and just like that, your digital and social life is over. We deserve better Discord.

  • BottleCaps

    There should be a “deactivation period” on which the user can change their minds like Deviant Art has, then they should have a button when you leave servers that will allow you to delete everything you’ve sent in that server so people can no longer save it.

    I like being able to look back on messages from the past so that I can better understand previous situations, or read funny conversations. And I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t want to lose those if that person deleted their account.

    But if it’s a safety issue for people then I support there being an option to delete messages. Or maybe even a place where you can see a list of past servers you’ve been in and click a button to clear your messages from it.

    Once your stuff is out there it’s kinda... well out there for good. But it would at least prevent nee people from accessing it, or others who forgot to save it from accessing it

    I have mixed feelings but I can see how younger users may have posted some not great things because they weren’t thinking and why they would want to take that back.

    That all said... I appreciate your Updates Discord. They aren’t useless, ignore le haters 😊 just keep in mind those who may feel threatened with blackmail 💙

  • jombom

    you guys could ask them that on their twitter account maybe it will make them at least respond with an official answer i to don't understand the point of keeping messages from deleted users since it can be dangerous in certain casses and i think that when a person deletes their account that means that they don't want anything to do with discord anymore so keeping their messages is not safe for them and i guess if someone deletes their accounts they expect it to also have their messages deleted and all their data deleted but instead they don't trully do that they just make it impossible to access for the user of the account but if someone has your account direct messages already opened they could still see your messages very easily yes they can't open it if they didn't do it before but if they did they can still see it

  • jombom

    Discord please listen i honestly think they're ignoring this on purpose i don't know why but i tweeted them didn't get a response then deleted my tweet since  after a couple of hours i got no answer then i messaged them in private and i still have no answer from them it's really frustrating alot of people want to be able to bulk delete their messages and to have their messages deleted after the account deletation cause they think that it's really not safe i'm really really angry cause i feel they're playing with their users privacy please discord no one is feeling safe leaving their messages behind when deleting their accounts so please delete all of the messages that a deleted account has sent or at least give us the choice to do so 

  • chiri

    please add this feature

  • ege

    i agree. my account was disabled and now i can't delete my personal info. messages from deleted users could also be displayed as [deleted].

  • mindfart

    Discord please listen I explained in my pending post that all big companies simply don't care. I agree with you but this will never happen. Ever. The only way it will is through law and persecution. Anything other than that they don't care. Like any big company.

  • Dylan J

    This needs to be done.

  • protec

    I agree. Deleting an account should delete everything. At least within 30 days.

  • BotBinary

    I agree, plus we should be able to delete messages when leaving a server

  • jombom

    i twitted them but didn't have an answer if all of you could do the same maybe we'll finally have an answer


  • Discord please listen

    jombom it really is frustrating, i feel the same way. people have been asking for this for years too, so it's not like it's some overnight request we all made. it's a reoccurring one. it's really pathetic to see discord ignore this honestly


  • Discord please listen

    Slendy i completely agree. this was a really good read. i never understood the 'to preserve the flow of conversation' to me either, especially for dms. if the person can no longer reply or anything, why does the conversation need to remain? discord really did take the laziest way out and the most bullcrapped way too. anonymisation only works if you were anonymous from the start, and clearly discord users aren't. not to mention discord literally keeps the i.d number the same of the deleted account as well AND though nothing happens, you can still send friendrequests / messages to the deleted account. that's beyond creepy to me. 

  • Discord please listen

    mindfart ah, i had a post that was similar and its been pending for weeks lol. i hate this. you're right for the most part. i do think a change will come eventually (hopefully) but by then it may be to late for a lot of people. 

  • ℜ𝔢𝔞𝔳𝔢𝔫

    why is that not a feature along with clearing a DM ? This is suspicious of you really.I started to think even if i remove messages by hand, they remain in your databases just not visible to the users anymore.Which only makes me think you guys sell data.

    Proove me wrong

  • LetsBezreel

    mindfart  I agree too the big companies dont care. Thats why i moved to line app with secure friend since I cant trust many things in discord or to do with discord since 100% of gamers use it easier tell them no you don't use discord and keep your group small.

  • Nightcat

    This would be great, it’s shocking Discord still doesn’t have a way to purge your messages

  • weirdcease

    I think it should be optional when you delete your account. Maybe a switch, or maybe even a checklist of which servers and DMs you want your messages deleted in. In some cases, someone might need to delete an account but they don't want their messages deleted. But on the other hand, I think this would be a good feature for those who don't want to leave a trace.

  • f4tal1ty

    I deleted my Discord account back in May of 2018. I once sent a picture which had very sensitive information in it. I was young and naive back then. It shocked me when I found out about it, cuz this means that my messages are still there and there is no way to delete them now.

    Discord has to do something about this.


  • milk

    please add this feature 


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