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  • Striker Toast YT

    Hello discord this user STILL harassed me and says I have only 1 friend calling me gay. 727368407615406091. 784046814591451186 Is also in on this. Once a while ago he spam botted me and also if anyone is spammed not to leave his server or he would do something.

  • gupihlop

    I want to report two users for posting animal and human gore videos.

    User who posted human gore: 

    Message ID: 825495916622512128

    User ID: 611828504928976896

    User who posted Animal gore: 

    Message ID: 854412202835312640

    User ID: 424886650729005066

  • bunnyc0re

    Okay they deleted their discord but i wanted to see if there was a way to make sure they can never come back. Deleted User 4fd9b2dc#9241 was a pedophile. He was my friend until he confessed that he liked me. He even knew i was 15 and he was 19 almost 20. He told me about a past relationship he had with a 15 y/o and idk how he was with her so i fear he has always been a pedo. If he makes a new user is there anyway you can ban him from discord completely.

  • AtomicStaR | Yunus

    I want to report a user for Trying to scam ppl.

    Message ID: 855483662333640744
    User ID: 854381013106163743

  • Striker Toast YT

    792040177638834207 This server is super racist and if you support lgbtq

    they will spam ping you

  • Lancelot


    Adil Sardar Assistant#8966 

    Joe allan#9544

  • Lancelot

    USER ID: 855438053493440533

    user id :855435425145552906

  • DeepWeeb

    This guy stole my Steam account impresionating an official Valve moderator

  • uwu.

    message id:856885327690858496   he;s sharing personal info help

  • jnyen

    hey! someone i knew is 11 but i cant copy their user id! soon ill retry but their user is Lil_Boo#2804

  • Striker Toast YT

    This guy keeps making alts on discord after he keeps getting disabled

  • 4get

    I want to report a user for being racist. She has said the n word so many times and been racist. I want this user please because as a person of color I am offended.

    Message ID: 855541573134319626
    Message ID: 856745602419261460
    Message ID: 855506648810782770

    User ID: 814283793766154240

  • I want to report a user for RACISM 

    User ID: 590912611478929423

    Message ID: 857712914927714337

    Thanks very much


  • SilverJon


    advertising the use of glitch.

    Ushe ID: 361588819696418816

    Massage ID: 857157732544282634


  • Insomniac

    hey this dumb ass is tryna bait me
    his user is Curly Band#8048 he's a pretty big dumb ass and he wants my password and is doing it over on a dead email website called proton mail 

  • ! 𝑬Ndrooo

    Hello, I want to report this @' Erikα 🎀#٠٠٠١ . He is making mistakes and setting up GIF without Nitro Please warn him, thank you

  • Chris_cec

    And a person name sptparole#1339 he leak a picture of someone family and treated to kill them and bully them and try to report me because I was helping the person that he bully please ban him people everyone on discord need to be safe.

  • stryxx_

    I would like to report the user for constantly raiding the server. Adds spare accounts which he writes was what and how I wrote with him it sharply wrote. I even have evidence but I can't send it here..I even have evidence, but I can't send it here.

    This is ★ᴏɴɪɪ★#8302

  • Shinight Ψ

    Bonjour comme j'ai bien lu les T.O.S de votre discord
    Je sais que le spam/flood report une personne est interdit
    j'aimerai que vous prenez compte de mon message car quelqu'un me menace de me faire sauter
    voici son discord Zix#3088
    j'ai des preuves mais je 'e sais pas comment les mettre ici directement

  • ! 𝔐𝔬𝔯𝔤

    a person with id 681046302926307396 sent a friend of dead children and left a link to the server (798847400310734849)

  • Zing275

    A user has been found doxxing and threatening a girl by getting her personal informations like photos, home address and phone number. I am writing his user ID(724823020841205764) and user name(.Kryptos#3997) for them who know him personally and request them to not to encourage such people for these toxic activities because many other users do think that hacking and hacker friends are cool. If they think so then let me tell them you are wrong. I suggest people to not to share photos or even GIF on unknown servers or DMs with unknown users because it creates a token which can be used in accessing accounts without permissions.

  • welvendagreatfan78

    Hey I want to report this user for scamming and copyright not approved(or something like that) and lying about his gender, his age, and arousing others

    Message ID: 817754046474485800/817754046474485803/860655957315158056

    User ID: 0414

    P.S. I cannot find the rest of his user ID

  • Egg

    Hey someone keeps saying slurs and commenting on a content creator and how they should be photoshopped naked. They are making me and another very uncomfortable and are blaming us.

    The user ID is: 852990628732207114

    And the user is: #0069

  • !Frost'Ex0tic🌙

  • !Frost'Ex0tic🌙

    Il me menace comme quoi si je ne fais pas d'invite sur son serveur il va me ficha etc il dit sa parce que avant il M'avait ban de mon server donc il avait en possession mon serveur je lui ai dit supprime les salon et change le nom du server parce que sa m'appartient après il me parle d'invite jsp quoi moi je lui avait aussi dit que si j'invite des gens il me met owner avec la crown mais comme il avait supprime les salon pour moi c'était bon après il me menace

  • GamerAli360

    This guy is cyber bullying me and writing offensive things to me for a long time (I couldn't report because I couldn't figure out how to report)  He even treats me but later delete it and also treats me in voice chat.

    He even tells everyone I'm a disgrace to society in voice chat and violets me.

    User id: 720723620330209300

    Message links:


  • piotr_k1

    Chce osoba


    Powód: Zgłoszenie mojego konta i zbanowanie go bez powodu

    Ta osoba, zgłosiła, moje konto i się śmiało , a ja chciałem konto odzyskać ale już nie mogłem. Mam nadzieję że ta osoba dostanie bana

  • Dream Kevin

    i want to report a player for being mean cause i massage him to join my ps4 ark tribe and he said stop spamming him but that was one message he also said good luck on your failur tribe to me and that's mean and said your are 1000 bots to me that's also mean. and his id is 151949060968808448 please banned him.

  • XqtPlayzgames

    I want to report a user for toxicity he was abusing me with very very bad words User ID -Coolgaming-Coolgaming2041#8235



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