Role Limit Extension



  • joker

    Or, discord could make it so that within each boost level, they increase 50-100 extra role slots. Another idea is making extra role slots purchasable.

  • 8lias

    also more colors for roles?

  • Chen XCIII

    As the owner of a relatively large server myself, I support this. Make it happen, please.

  • Séb

    I am a developer who makes a Discord bot which is widely used in the university debating circuit, debating struggled a bit in the move online but Discord has really helped as a platform for co-ordinating and organising tournaments. And especially useful feature of my bot organisers like, are the automatically created roles for teams and institutions, which allows them to easily tag an entire team or everyone from an institution when looking for certain people or trying to communicate about a problem. Unfortunately, some comps are quite large and have a combined team + institution count larger than this cap, meaning they can't use this feature. It would be super helpful for this use case if the limit was upped to 500, as no tournaments really exceed this number.

  • SeedOfArson

    As staff/admin of a large server I have to agree!

  • KeRin


  • moon;

    Agreed. Maybe 350 for level 1 servers, 500 for level 2? Level 3, no idea.

  • なるよし

    I am Japanese and have over 3000 projects I want to participate in. This is not a problem that can be managed with the current cap. I hope you can solve this problem fundamentally.
    In recent years, the number of Discord operators in the business world has increased rapidly.
    First of all, I would like you to aim for the upper limit of 1000.

  • Skull

    250 is very low. I wish Discord would put more priority on this, as it's quite limiting!


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