Nitro monthly server boost with yearly subscription



  • Shu Rimm「Nepu」

    I agree with this one. 
    Just became a one year nitro sub, as it's cheaper, but planned to do so while getting the monthly boost.
    But realized that now that I'm a yearly sub, I can no longer buy the monthly boost.

    Would really like to see this be something that we can choose if we'd want the monthly or yearly boost, no matter whether we're yearly or monthly nitro subs. 
    Otherwise, I most likely won't ever get a 3rd boost.

  • A5SecondLetdown

    I 100% agree. I find it irritating that I can’t get monthly now that I have the yearly nitro sub. Would love to see if upgrading my server to level 2 or 3 would be worth it but no way in h**l I’m spending that much money on a years worth of boosts for a service I may not prefer. Would love to see this changed

  • AlphaChannel

    FYI for Discord business folk: Because of this issue I am declining to boost the server I am currently connected to to level 1. If I had a monthly option, I would have paid you $6.98 right now. Instead I am paying $0.00

  • chc

    I don't understand why I can't buy monthly boosts, even at a higher rate than the annual boosts. I just want to prop up a server short term until it grows.

  • MikeClubs


    I just purchased Nitro for a year and now I want to Boost a server for one month only. According to this article, Discord unifies all payment charges into one total charge and will automatically change the previous subscription’s billing cycle to the new subscription’s billing cycle!

    This doesn't make any sense to me. I don't care if I have different billing cycles! :D I just want to pay for what I actually need. I need Nitro for a year, but don't need Server Boost for a whole year ^.^

  • Coralin

    Please please let users with an annual subscription boost on a monthly basis! I have had members who would like to boost my server but are unable to as they cannot boost 12 months upfront.

  • Jotaa

    I'm having this same issue. In order to keep my server at level 3 for the best experience, I would have to pay almost a thousand dollars (or more) because I am a yearly subscriber. I just can't swing that, and I've supported Discord from its earliest days. 

    We gotta get this problem resolved.

  • LG

    I too am greatly disappointed that I can only buy yearly server boosts now that I bought a year-long Nitro Classic subscription; I now regret subscribing because my main reason for doing so was to use the 30% server boost discount to save some money on monthly server boosts...

  • Autorojo

    I just paid for annual subscription and now I can't boost servers with a monthly payment lol can I get a refund or something?

  • Leon

    I have an annual Nitro Classic subscription and wanted to purchase a boost for the only server I use.

    But I don't want to commit to buying a boost for 12 months. If someone else boosts the server and brings the total over 30, then my boost will be wasted. So I'd much rather take it a month at a time.

    If this is not possible, then at least make the boosts provide some benefit (other than a role and badge) after you reach 30 boosts, otherwise they just go to waste.

  • Superman

    I hope this option comes, it would be really really useful


    I have been using discord nitro for a while now. But the yearly boost is waaaaay to expensive for me who want to boost multiple servers. Please help us boost those servers!

  • BigBoss

    +1 - I just activated a yearly nitro subsciption and losing the option to boost servers w/ monthly boosts sucks. Please give us an option to select payment frequency for server boosts so we have do not have to commit to a yearly membership within servers.  

  • Darth Maple

    I wanted to boost my server and just because I have the yearly nitro subscription, I have to buy the yearly boost thingy. No thank you. Discord would make more money, if they allow the monthly boost for the yearly nitro subscribers. honestly lol, Discord you just have to think about it.

  • Emilie

    As pointed out by MikeClubs, this article says "Discord unifies all payment charges into one total charge and will automatically change the previous subscription’s billing cycle to the new subscription’s billing cycle."

    In my opinion this doesn't justify why we can't purchase monthly boosts, for the simple reason that we're able to purchase monthly Nitro to gift our friends. We should be able to purchase monthly boosts, and because we can't I've never purchased a single server boost, and I still don't plan on it, until this changes for the better.

    Trust us when we say you'd make much more money if you allowed us to purchase monthly boosts as well, because then I would. I can't commit to a yearly boost, but I can definitely commit to multiple monthly boosts.
    For example I prefer purchasing 12 monthly boosts over a single yearly boost, for you it doesn't change anything, you get the same amount of money regardless, for me it changes many things because I'm able to do much more with the same amount of money spent, therefore it's attractive, unlike the current system.

  • Cash 'N Crab 🦀

    Same! I don't understand why this is a thing, other than getting more money. But now I won't be doing any boosting, so that is now zero money. Discord would probably get a great deal more boosts/money if they allowed for the monthly option after purchasing the yearly. 

    Please fix this! 

  • I am Dave

    Add me to the list of people frustrated by this. This thread is two years old and apparently no traction.

  • Luisqa

    This is exactly why I won't renew my nitro subcription yearly (maybe not at all).

  • System

    How is this still a thing?

  • Flight_Captain

    The biggest mistake for me was to take Nitro yearly. Now I cannot monthly boost my server. How is this even possible??

  • Flight_Captain

    I need a refund on my yearly nitro and be able to buy monthly nitro so as to monthly boost me server. Please discord, listen to this!!

  • Redhawk

    Can confirm. Am also frustrated by this. Discord, if you really don't want to use ads to get revenue, then make this easier for us.

  • Marie

    I was pretty sad to find out this restriction is still in effect. I have an annual Classic subscription, and I can't try just one month of Nitro regular, or buy just 1 month of a server boost. I was going to boost a streamer's Discord server for a month, but I guess I'll just buy one month's Twitch sub instead.

  • Eric Altair N

    So it's been 2 years and there's no change? Is the dept deaf, lazy, or just too incompetent to implement necessary changes? 

  • Squiggles | coolslickXX

    New to Nitro and server boosting.  Is the best thing to do is do a monthly subscription?  Then Do I have to also do a separate Monthly boosting subscrption?

    Thanks All

  • Maybe Birb

    Seriously, it's been 2 years since this post went up and there are now 26 people if you include me who have agreed with it. Discord, PLEASE fix this. I've gone through the trouble of submitting a formal complaint by now but I don't even know if that'll work. This seriously needs to be fixed, I don't want to spend $35, I want to spend $5. This is not okay and really needs something done about it.

  • MikeClubs

    Okay, it's been 2 years and we are still waiting. Discord wont take us seriously unless they start to lose subscribers for this.

    I've just cancelled my yearly nitro subscription 😘

  • Ferastamimi

    Add me to the list of frustrated people,

  • The Z Squared

    It has now been 3 years, and this stupidity is still not fixed.

    A yearly subscription for nitro is MY personal account, so I know that I'll be using it for that long.

    A nitro boost is NOT for MY server, I do NOT know if I'll be part of that server for that long.

    If YOU want to make more money, let ME boost servers left and right for ONE month.

  • Maybe Birb

    10 months have passed since I last commented here, and 3 years since the article went up. I'm sending a second request for implementation, and I implore whoever else can to do the same. Discord doesn't even hear us, so we need to let them know this exists- for our sake and for theirs. I don't want a world with ads on Discord. They could make so much more money like this, and besides money, it's a good thing to do for your community.


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