A Heartfelt Plea Regarding the New UI



  • ExtraCookie

    Agreed wholeheartedly! I don't want to look for alternatives, but this is such a constant annoyance.

  • mischief

    If you use Discord on a web browser, you can do what I did and install this extension. Use it to inject all or just parts of the below CSS into 'discordapp.com'.

    I can't do anything about the new reactions menu through. I've become used to it actually. However, the background of the messages changing on hover sends me actually insane, so I definitely need that turned off so I don't throw my computer out the window.

    .message-2qnXI6 {
    /* Disable message background change on hover */
    background: #36393f!important;
    /* Remove extra padding in new update */
    margin-top: 0rem!important;
    .groupStart-23k01U {
    /* Adjust extra padding in new update */
    margin-top: .5rem!important;
    .timestampVisibleOnHover-2bQeI4 {
    /* Turn off timestamp on hover */
    display: none!important;

  • gnossienne

    I feel the same way about the new Mobile layout. My eyes are very sensitive and seeing the white names give me a piercing headache.

    edit: learned from twitter that you can now change the font in settings. It only changes the text size, not the boldness of the name

  • a doku

    The new UI also made it difficult to select text, I thought it was my mouse acting up but now I'm certain it's Discord's doing. It's almost impossible to it now, the text just randomly deselects itself or refuses to select at all.


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