Dear Discord. It's been a few days. I still think your new UI sucks.



  • Chicago Ted

    Even though I used reactions before, I've disabled them completely just to minimize the impact of that stupid mouse-over quick react bar. I can't believe that actually made it to live without any sort of options to tweak it.

  • Wraith

    Completely agree

  • McDouggal

    This would be a really easy fix if they'd just... put up a rollback download.

    But nope! Can't do that!

  • Pokemon Master/Oni_Genji

    everything was fine before the update, i purposley didnt close discord for over a week to avoid this update, everything is so akward, why did we need a different unread message system? we didnt, it was fine before. it feels like youre trying to force me onto mobile with this, is this your big brain tumbler strat discord? make changes that cause the people who use you go away? force us onto mobile so you dont have the update pc?

  • constantfear

    I also tried my best to not restart discord to avoid it, but it crashed trying to stream a game. There are currently no known ways to revert it back the way it was. That's why my discord app is the same version that was installed in 2016. It's my PC, I should be able to choose what updates download. But discord takes that freedom to choose away from you, and rams whatever they want down your throat. 

  • ⚡ Sparks T.⚡

    better discord has a theme that reverts the ui almost completely

    it's not *perfect* but it's very close.

    just google the better discord library, it's not hard to find it in there. sort by date uploaded.


    i'd link directly but i'll probably get punished because hurrdurr betterdiscord against tos 


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