Prevent blocked users from editing old DMs



  • Flowdriver

    Would be nice aswell if when you block someone it blocks them completely, instead of showing "message deleted" in mutual servers. Also would be great to delete bulk messages at a time in DM's 😊

  • Kaelikbug

    Wouldn't still looking at old/new blocked messages just mean you desire interaction with that person?

  • DizzyFlyer

    No, Kaelikbug. Sometimes in a situation where abuse/harassment is occurring, it's beneficial to the target to be able to go back and read over what was said. That doesn't mean the blocker wants continued contact, just that they still have to cope with the problems caused by prior contact.

  • Kaelikbug

    @DizzyFlyer, do you mean looking at messages from a very recent block? For that, I agree viewing for evidence can be perfectly fine. However, I had originally said it as "still" looking at blocked messages, as in continuous viewing.


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