Chat UI is still bad



  • Wolfgalaxy

    The lack of ANY fixes is VERY annoying and disheartening. They need to stop ignoring us.

  • Oz

    your comparison to skype is apt, never thought of it that way before but its p accurate

  • Sethosaur

    They've most likely sold out and are now appealing to investors. I've given up.
    alas, hitting enter too soon.

    I've never ONCE seen anyone ask for or talk about or use a lot of the new features I see. Only the ones I did use that are now broken in favor of FLASH, PIZZAZ, WOW THE INVESTORS.

    They're trying to be an everything app and it isn't working. I can see Discord easily being taken over by a 'like' app while they keep going with more social media bulltype whistles. They can't even keep their p2p protocols up to spec and they're adding in the umpth new streaming feature and the next new shiny button to react to some post somewhere because you saw a bright notification.


    Even their website spells sold out.

  • Sylvandyr

    The lack of padding at the bottom of the chat box for Cozy display may seem to the devs like a small thing, but I'm actually starting to get a headache and feel like I'm falling when I look at the messages.  My brain expects some spacing to be there, and it's not there anymore, and it is very disorienting.  If there was a setting to increase the padding at the bottom, I would use it.  (There are settings to change font size and space between each message, I feel like a new option to set the padding at the bottom of the chat box would fit well.)

    I have also completely disabled my ability to use emoji reactions (even though I like using reactions occasionally) just to get the horribly distracting bar out of my face.  The little gray ellipsis and "add emoji" icon are fine, the colorful "top 3 emoji" icons feel like they're bleeding into the text and they catch my eye and make it hard for me to focus on the text.  I really don't need the top 3 icons.

    I agree that the "New" bar is quite distracting.  I preferred the old one.  I'm less up in arms about this than the padding and emoji bar issue though.

    Contrary to what some random UI decision-makers on their staff might think, these changes are not good for me.  It's not just because they're "unfamiliar" and I'm not used to them, it's because they're bad.  On a fundamental level.


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