Yes hello. My account got hacked by a kid he changed my picture and i changed my password and my picture. The hacker is a kid and he removed all my friends. My discord is REALSIRMEMME#001. Please help i dont remember my friends tag




    The kid also have my IP ADRESS. He has all information about my house and my IP and my laptop

  • $h4døw__Hunt3r

    1. Report him in any way you can
    2. It is illegal for him to do anything to your WiFi mainly since you can then go to your internet provider and they can give you a new router, and track his ass therefore him doing anything without vpn/proxy will screw him over
    3. The useracc name you gave above only has 3 numbers in the discrim instead of 4 somehow
    4. You are ment to post to discord support email not in here


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