Sub-Voice Channels



  • SystemOctave

    Seems like a useful idea

  • SniperNLN

    It's very strange to me that Discord still doesn't have multilayered voice channels with different key-binds to talk with different subchannels like Teamspeak, while Discord kind of markets itself as a communication platform for gamers.

    There are so many use cases for it with any game which has large groups of players together.

  • Vijana

    This is exactly what I came here to request. The idea is that there could be groups within a channel and, when a user from a group talks, only that group can hear what is said from a member of that group. Users can still be heard in the entire channel with the right permissions.

  • KreJaxx_YouTube

    I think it would work better if you could set up your voice channels to have sub channels, the main channel serves as a "speak to all" that is triggered by a hotkey, eveyone else would be in the seperate sub channels.


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